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Rusty Nail with Famous Grouse
Its interesting that neither of you are American but claim protection under the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. On a different note, had a '99 RyJ Cazadores yesterday, it was pretty amazing, cocoa, woody flavors with a floral note the second half. The amazing thing about well aged cigars is the flavors seem more distinct
Yesterday I had a Punch Punch 2004, kind of one dimensional but was still strong and peppery-was not very impressed. I also had a 1999 RyJ Cazadores and this was amazing, medium bodies with lots of smoke, tasted oak, leather and the finish had a floral note which was distinct. When the right cigar is given the right age, it can be pretty amazing.
Daiquiri watching the Germany v. Uruguay game, TJ Vienna Lager with Lunch
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Unfortunately, JJ Fox seems to sell the mjaority of its aged cigars only for export outside the EU. If you know of any other sources, let me know! Back in the day Gerard in Switzerland use to sell aged cigars (at one time they refused to sell any cubans that was not aged), they may still sell aged cigars.
Hunter & Frankau in the UK put aside numerous boxes of cubans for aging and then release them for general consumption, check out JJFox website. Depending on the cigar 10 years can do wonders - I have smoked RyJ Cazadores, Party 8-9-8 and Lusi from 99-01 over the last year and have found them to amazing- many layers of flavors are evident (cedar, earth, caramel/molasses, etc). Cigars also mellow and don't burn when the smoke passes through the nostrils like with some of...
After hearing good recommendations on this forum for Patel Brothers, I went on a hunt for these online, as my regular B&M does not carry them, and got a deal on Thompson's auction site, though an interesting thing happened, I bid $18 for a 5pack of the Toro and it did not meet the reserve, but I bid the same $18 for a 5pack of the Patel Bros and 5 pinar del rio and won, so I guess its like 5 free stogies. BTW how are the pinar del rio's, never had one. Excited about the...
Ron Botran Solera 1893, found it at a local store for $28
I find Trader Joe Bavarian Hefe to be a good cheap beer for the summer, $5.99/6pk
Scotch - Famous Grouse Irish Whiskey - Bushmills Single Malt 10yr, Jameson 1780 Bourbon - Knob Creek, Jim Beam Black 8yr Rum - Ron Zacapa 23, Old Zaya, Ron Botran 18yr, El Dorado 15yr, Pyrat xo Tequila - Penca Azul Brandy - any kind of cognac or Armagnac, Grand Marnier, Metaxa Single Malt - Glenlivet 18yr
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