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RM Louis XIII for $35 a pour would equal roughly $525 for a bottle (50ml pour, roughly 15 per bottle). Here is a good idea of NYC prices for libations at bars:
Phatash is having a 25% sale today and tomorrow, thinking of picking up some Viajes. Code LD25 They carry Viaje Oro, Platino and Fifty/Fifty. Which should I get as I do have preferences towards full bodied cigars.
Neptune Cigar is having a 10% discount for the Labor Day weekend, if anyone is interested in picking up a few Liga Privadas as they sell singles code: LDW10
Customs sends you a letter saying the shipment has been confiscated under the Trading with the enemy act. I have had one box confiscated and my brother has had one confiscated and we were not fined or prosecuted etc. I guess if the order is a large one (10+ boxes at a time) then they may prosecute, but otherwise you just loose the cigars. Most mail order places guarantee delivery and they send another box for free.
Get yourself about two or three different bourbons, like Eagle Rare 10, Maker's Mark and Bulleit - as they are different types of bourbon and see what you like. All three should run you around $75 total
^^ what year is the SD4 and how is it I have a box on the way, would like to know how the recent SD4s' are
Had my first Patel Bros Toro yesterday and I enjoyed tremendously, by far the best RP I'sve had, full bodied with a pepper start, earth and coffee/cocoa. Thanks for the recommendation guys
^ Will check out Maxamar next time I am in the OC
After hearing about HiTime Wine cellars in Costa Mesa fro a friend I dropped by and man what a humidor they have - full line of Padrons, Tatuajes etc. The best part were the pricing, Tatuaje Red Tube was going for $10, Cabaiguan for around $8 each, PAN torpedos for around $18 - the guy in charge is interesting guy to talk to and very helpful- he even has some Tat black tubes hidden away for his regulars. They have a website but most of the cigar are not listed and are only...
Regency cigar is having a 10% and free shipping offer for the weekend Code: EMAIL SPECIAL They have Opus tins at reasonable prices
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