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El Dorado 12 - pretty good sipping rum Jim Beam Black - $12 at Hitime, could not pass up the deal
Quote: Originally Posted by Axelman 17 Besides the Hudson bourbons are there any other good whiskeys that come in 375ml bottles? Looking to spend $30 - $40 on a smaller bottle that I can easily fit in a suitcase. Unfortunately, flasking is not an option. Thanks guys. Depending where you are Knob Creek and Maker's Mark are available in 375ml bottles, though Knob Creek's regular bottle would also fit in a suitcase due to its rectangular size.
Spoke to salesman from BT distributor in SoCal and he informed me the BT Antiques will be hitting the shelves either the first or second week in November.
^^^ wait till you try Eagle Rare and Baker's Having a Whiskey Sour with Buffalo Trace
G&T with Boodles and Fever Tree
Ron Botran Solera, similar profile to Zacapa though not as sweet Trying to decide between buying Booker's bourbon and Pappy Van Winkle 12yr, as I have had neither and heard good things about both.
Pink Gin (Boodles) with a dash of lime
Thanks for all he replies, I have worn suede in the rain and it holds up well, will check Zappos, I have owned many Bass dirty bucks over the years, they are good except for the red brick sole which does not give much traction when wet.
Does anyone know where I can get a similar shoe for under a $100 Looking for a rubber soled shoe, preferably brown suede, though can go for a dark scotch grain. I need a rain shoe and I like the style.
Quote: Originally Posted by cadillac37 Can anyone give me some recs on good bourbons/ryes for old fashioneds? What are your favorites? I'm looking to give something new a try. Thanks. Knob Creek is my goto for old fashioned and whiskey sours.
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