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^^^ Nice lighter BTW one of our favorite CC dealer have some Aug 05 Mag 46 with the old band (they are in the 5x3 untubed format) Can't wait to try once they have settled down
Tried a Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, man it was a pretty amazing rum, give Zacapa 23 a good run, loads of caramel/burnt sugar flavors and amazingly smooth with a little bite. $30 in So Cal
^^^ Hi Time Wine?
Try the WL Weller 12 year
Last time they had the sale (which was like 2 weeks ago) I got some 5 packs and some accessories and I got 25% off across the board even though accessories only have 20%.
PSA: Phatash is having another sale, 20% off box purchases and 25% off 5 packs Code: pgw20 and pgw25
Edit: I'm also a cricket fan so this bottle is even cooler to me.[/quote] Any plans of attending the games for the upcoming World Cup in Asia?
A glass of El Dorado 12 - amazing stuff, especially as a nightcap
^^^ I concur though it is almost impossible to find the Old Zaya any more, my personal stash has been trimmed to 3 bottles.
El Dorado 12 and 15 are both pretty amazing and up there in quality with Zacapa 23. Picked up the following at Bevmo (surprised they had the stuff and the cheapest in LA) Eagle Rare 17 Pappy Van Winkle 15 El Dorado 5
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