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Lose some weight fatass.
Good luck with the sequoia Trainers. They were tough enough to find upon release, much less now.
Last I checked they had all but a 52 in stock. Mind you this was about a week ago.
Fuck don't tell me the SLP chesterfield was marked down to 80% off.
From what I read, they are essentially reworking their previous FW collections for this season so we will be seeing a lot of retroed pieces. Which I personally think is stupid as fuck because their first couple of FW collections were garbage. I handled the vest version of that bomber you posted the other day and it's SUPER light. That said, their camo bush pants are some of my favourite pants of all time so I'll be stocking up on those for sure. Oh, I'll be listing a...
"That once upon a time story is no longer in valid." Exactly. Which is why I'm opting out.
I've bought 1 pair of Nikes in all of 2014. I will never buy another pair of Jordans again and that's a fact.JB has always been in the business of making money. Except, once upon a time, they didn't completely rape and pillage every model so there was at least some allure which remained.When it was announced that they were retroing the NA 1's, I was probably one of the most excited people there was.And then this happened:And this:As a consumer, I'm not going to sit here...
Shorts and the black/blue sweater. I don't think I own a single piece of branded clothing in my entire wardrobe, but both logos are subtle and you can't really go wrong for the price.
40% off sale/clearance. Some new stuff added. Scooped up some Reigning Champ stuff.
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