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What would life with an F430 be like? Can you just get in and drive without worrying that something will break? Seems as though prices for them are levelling off and they seem like a ton of car for the money.
Anyone selling their dune pigtail in an XL? I guess this year's cut is a but smaller/slimmer than last.
^ You have the stomach to own an out-of-warranty AMG?
How a garment stands up to a few washes is generally indicative of how good of a beating it can take in the long run. But thank you for trying to be a smart ass.
GT-C looks stunning! I was actually at the Benz dealer yesterday and sat in a GT and man, that's not a car I would want to daily at all. The cabin felt extremely cramped, visibility was god awful, etc. Perhaps this is because I'm coming from a 997 which has phenomenal ergonomics and visibility, I don't know. Definitely a mean looking car with a lot of road presence. I wonder how they will fare in the used car market.
How much of a beating can the anti-expo tees take? In other words, how bad are they going to look/feel after a few washes? Also, does anyone have the cobas AND siena denim? Which do you prefer?
How much is that Dior jacket? It's perfect.
Grabbed all 3 pigtails myself. Already have the black and grey from last year, but the pigtail mercer is my favourite piece of clothing ever so backups are necessary.
How so? Denim from SLP with that detailing would retail for nearly $800 and JE denim is superior to SLP in every which way.
Navy comes w/ black leather shoulders.
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