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They rarely do.
All my Saint Laurent boots are the same size. Minimal discrepancy across the range (IMO).
I like the ripped knee denim with the studs, but I tend to like jeans with reasonably subtle embellishments. The 5 zipper SLP denim from last fall is one of my favourite pairs of what I consider to be "evening" denim.
I hope you're joking...
I'd take a YSL logo on my belt over a fucking SAINT LAURENT PARIS patch on my polo any day...
These are nice...
2 weeks with a manual and I realize that I have a lot to learn. One thing in particular is rather concerning, and I'm hoping you guys might be able to help. My parking stall (#2) is one of the worst in my building. It doesn't help that I'm flanked by two SUVs and have a pillar between my stall and the one next to mine. To get into my stall, I have to drive down into the garage and pull up parallel to stall #5 and then back into my stall. The pillar is right at the front...
I like the piece, don't get me wrong, but you have to be mentally handicapped if you're dropping over 8 bills on it (or however much it costs), which is what I was getting at (rather than commentary on the piece itself). Even @srizvi722 said it's worth about half that.
That's one of those pieces you're going to look back at in a year and ask yourself "wtf was I thinking?"
That knit looks nice but I immediately start sweating whenever I see the word "alpaca"
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