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They used to be in Holts, Barneys, Roden, Ssense, etc. Almost every stockist dropped them. I used to be a massive supporter and I don't know a single person who's bought a W+H piece in 2-3+ years (myself included).
This happened to Wings & Horns and is precisely what led to their downfall. And I've gone on record a couple of times in this thread saying JE's trajectory reminds me a lot of Wings & Horns (as does a lot of their previous pieces), so we'll have to wait and see what happens. Personally I'm not a fan of brands that follow this business model because when it comes to seasonal stuff, I want it at the beginning of the season so I can get some actual use from it vs. buying at...
44 (or 44.5) at Rodeo. Not sure about other sizes.
I don't mind them. Maserati is pushing the leases on them pretty hard. They sound great as well.
Driving a Turbo and GT3RS on Thursday. Beyond excited. Also willing to sell a kidney for a .2 GT3 allocation if anyone is interested.
Thanks to whoever posted a pic of the silver Wyatts. Ended up grabbing a pair yesterday. Works really well with white denim and they are surprisingly easy to wear.
^ Yes. Love them. The quintessential thick-framed sunglass.
Called my dealer to inquire. They laughed. Too much money in this city :/
Jodhpurs and harness boots wear nothing like one another, so I say go for it. Did anyone pick up the silver Wyatts this season? Seriously considering them. Also, has anyone seen the crinkled patent leather Jodhpur hi's? Pretty cool. The infighting at Kering is so petty and childish it's absurd. Actually it's not infighting since Hedi is gone, but you know what I mean. It's like that couple we all know who always gets in arguments in front of everyone. After a while you...
In the states for a few days next week. Just wondering what the best car rental chain is?
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