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Sucks how Americans can lease an M3 for ~$750/month but in Canada we're looking at $1,100 with $11k due at signing for a demo 2015.
Fashion Grey ftw.
$70k question: M3/4 or Giuila?
I don't have anything to add, other than my first word was "Jeep" and I've owned a number of TJs. Fucking love them. Perfect summer car. I can only imagine how much better the new ones are.
Kudos to whomever styled that photo for making them look as unflattering as humanly possible
Niceeee. Enjoy!
Congrats GF. Do you plan to replace the interior trim? I know the interior of my bro's M3 was pretty ratty towards the end of it's tenure.
$600/month to drive a 13 year old car worth $16k? No thanks.
No. Cruised around in a Quattroporte GTS today. Was pretty impressed. Slower than the F10 but holy fuck does the QP sound incredible in sport mode. Living in the city I think the QP would be a much more suitable daily driver.
What did you expect? There's people in this thread who would literally suck Hedi's cock on cue if given the opportunity.
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