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I could post some videos of the old Viper that would very easily refute that statement.
No.That said, I haven't worn my pair in over a year.And anything other than the OG colourways (black/speckled + black/white) are wack.
One of my all-time favourite modern Mercedes'. http://www.grandprimotors.com/details-2008-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-Class-MTgxNg==.html
I always liked Phoenix Yellow (not a fan of Austin Yellow on the M4 though)
Not to mention the extra $80k sticker price.
Cool in Japan. Not cool in Vancouver.
Post the video again.
Meh. I had the M65 and it was whatever.
Just find someone with a student card to get 20% off code sent to their email and have them forward it to you.
Thoughts on the new Z51 Vette?
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