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Leone and Nordstrom (women's shoes + bags) in Vancouver carry Saint Laurent. Leone marks up the price though.
For the love of God, Porsche, just release the fucking Panamera Sport Turismo already...
And this:
You can find those sweaters for $300 all day long...
Saw an M2 in person today. Immediately put down a deposit for one. What a stunning car. Long Beach Blue 6-Speed Euro Delivery Now to play the waiting game.
How much trouble is a higher-mileage 95 C2 going to give me? Currently has 130,000 miles on the clock. As per the seller, new at 98,000 miles: -clutch kit -all engine gaskets -ignition wires -chain guide and tensioners -slave cylinder / master cylinder -valve guides -dual mass flywheel & pilot bearing * MO30 suspension kit (Bilstein HDs, ROW MO30 coil springs, drop links and sway bar). * New A/C evaporator and expansion valve * New fuel pump and relay * HID (zenon) front...
Those are terrible. As are thee grey marbled pair (which I liked, and planned to buy, until I tried them on at the store less than an hour ago).
FW14 black destroyed denim at the outlets for $399
Do it. You wont regret it. I get compliments on mine every time I wear it.
Is the panelled crew a buy at half off? I picked up the oversized crewneck at Bergdorf on 57th for like $90 and I've been more than pleased with it. Too new to the brand, however, to know how to navigate.
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