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You can tell the difference between the Vantage and Virage? I sure as fuck can't.
The Vantage is the British Granturismo - Sexy, underpowered, but fuck does it ever have a splendid exhaust note.
Why is it so cheap? You Americans are lucky. 06 C2S's are still pushing $50k in Canada. 08 M3's are $45k. F10 M5's are leasing out for $1,800/month (and this is WITH $12k COD). It's just not fair. To be honest, you have to be doing fairly decently for yourself just to able to drive a new 3-series. But ya, back to the Vantage - a dated car (15 years, isn't it?) but still a screaming deal. I would just remove the ugly decals and wrap it 1 colour (instead of keeping it with...
I took measurements and my jacket didn't fit well. But then again I revised the shoulders like an idiot. Shoulders... the most important measurement. Don't fuck that measurement up, err towards too small than big.
I started intermitten fasting. 2 meals - 1000 to 1200 calories per meal, 12pm and 8pm. Does the trick for me. It's tough adjusting to not having breakfast but you get used to it. For someone as busy and on the go as I am, it works perfectly. Maybe I'll stop in a few months, who knows, but for now it's doing the job. Back to SLP - I want the black/white hi's.
Those are gross. That multi pattern has always reminded me of Christmas, and not in the good way.
Hanon has a great sale on their Nikes right now. Those gum AF1 hi's are like $70 shipped.
Collection looks weak to me. I also read that they were reworking/retroing pieces from the original W+H collection, which in my opinion was complete garbage. Easy pass for me. Not that I care too much - AMI absolutely killed FW14 and that's where I plan on spending my money this year. http://www.hero-magazine.com/shows/ami-fw14/catwalk/#1
That last pair is awesome. I wonder if I can use them for squash.
Three words - told you so. BMW hit a grand slam with the F10 and the fact that they are practically giving them away for the same monthly payment as an M4 makes it an absolute steal. Enjoy you time with her. Handing back the keys is going to be painful.
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