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Vapors are awesome tennis shoes. I think these are a bit bunk but still pretty cool to see JB and Federer collaborate on a shoe (and use the NA logo instead of the Jumpman).
Tough to beat a G when it comes to curb appeal, and that's all that matters when it comes to that demographic.
SS15 http://four-pins.com/style/wings-horns-springsummer-2015-is-deceivingly-simple/
Keep going back and forth on this.
It's sad. I've followed them since day 1. Heck, I have a box full of old Spruce and W+H samples from '07 somewhere in storage. They were certainly my favourite brand a few years back but now I won't even bother looking at their rack when I'm at a retailer.While they've been on a steady decline, at least last FW season they had a solid outerwear lineup. This season they don't even have that as their saving grace. My expectations were low when I heard they were paying homage...
Not even an M.Not that it matters.
Are we keeping this thread for FW14 conversation, since this season is so fucking awful it's not worthy of it's own thread? They somehow managed to fuck up something as simple as a peacoat: http://rodengray.com/collections/wings-horns/products/meltonwoolpeacoat#image3 They fucked up the bush pants with their stupid foliage print: http://shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/all/products/foliage-print-herringbone-bush-pant-overdyed-charcoal I don't even know where to begin...
Ugh why couldn't they have the matching pants.
It's live now
Not sure, but I have an ND Sub and the Hulk is next on my list. May be overkill buying two Submariners in a row but I love mine so much and I've had my eyes on the Hulk for quite a while.So to answer question - no idea but buy one so we can admire it!
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