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Because I find them too bulbous and the heel tab is ridiculously thick and long, to the point that my jeans wont properly sit over them.
Selling my brand new 42.5 tan suede cropped Jodhpurs (local pickup in Vancouver only, unless you want to cover the cost of shipping but be warned these things are heavy).
A 2013 is a 3 - 3.5 year old car. For a nearly out of warranty M car with the wrong transmission, that deal seems fair at best.
I can only imagine how bad the F10 with a 6-speed tranny drives.
I don't think Ferrari says the 488 is completely different, and if they do that's a flat out lie.
I don't think the typical M5/E63 owner gives a flying fuck about the CTS-V.
I really hope a photo of him with bleached blonde hair and bleached skin turns up soon.
Thanks for the clarification. I was just going based on the website.Thorns: Thanks for the photos. They are fucking beautiful. I'm looking for a black everyday boot and these seem perfect.
Anyone have real life photos (on feet or otherwise) of the black Hedi 40?
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