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Some nice pieces but very derivative of previous Wings & Horns collections.
Dumb question nevermind
Now you know how us Canadians feel.
I wear a 42 in CPs, 43 in SLP boots, and had to size up to a 44 in skates.
SSense packaging is nothing special. Literally just a brown box.
Also, has anyone handled these in person?
Any photos of the black destroyed?
Favourite pair of jeans I own (and I own a lot).
^ Thanks for that. How much wrist wear does your 16528 get? I'd love to own a gold Daytona (w/ bracelet) but I feel like maybe the collection should have a couple of more stainless pieces (Nautilus) before I dabble in gold.
Thoughts on the 116518 Daytona? Something about a sport watch in a precious metal and on a croc strap seems so wrong, yet I find myself strangely attracted to this specimen...
New Posts  All Forums: