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Did Vegas to LA in 3 hours in a C63 a few years back. Craziest drive of my life. Thought I was going to die a few times and go figure the driver had actually killed someone in an accident a few years prior (unbeknownst to me at the time). Did the same drive in an S63 but it wasn't quite as thrilling. Fuck I love those AMGs.
When I'm cycling, I fucking hate motorists. When I'm driving, I fucking hate cyclists. Vicious cycle of self hate I suppose.
We have a stalker on our hands - glad you're keeping tabs on me To quote, I believe it was ExAngel - some people in this thread need to take Hedi's cock out of their ears. Back to the clothes...
"fucking wannabes." Some of you guys are stupider than I thought. With a high dollar value product that is easy to sell for retail, people will often buy in mass quantities so they can build points or earn rewards on their credit cards. Lots of people do this, and you see it happen all the time with Apple gift cards.
Pft.. lowly non-M owners
WTF is going on in that video? Fucking idiots.
Just another one of Nike's brilliant marketing schemes.
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