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How much is that Dior jacket? It's perfect.
Grabbed all 3 pigtails myself. Already have the black and grey from last year, but the pigtail mercer is my favourite piece of clothing ever so backups are necessary.
How so? Denim from SLP with that detailing would retail for nearly $800 and JE denim is superior to SLP in every which way.
Navy comes w/ black leather shoulders.
Keep in mind, SSense's sale changes depending on your location. The black/white teddy was only available to Asian shipping addresses (HK I am 100% sure of).
~$1,500 if I recall correctly.
Black/white teddy was on sale at Ssense a couple of weeks ago (all sizes).
Looks much better in this photo (assuming it's the same colour/car)... On a non-PTS note, I'm really liking Miami Blue. Gives off that Mexico/Riviera Blue vibe which I would argue are two of the most lusted after 911 colours... Not sure if this was posted when it came out last year, but here's a guy who likes his oddball 911s...
The Doha denim should be renamed Cookies & Cream.
^ I like both of those (more so the GT4, but I wouldn't kick the 4.0 out of bed).
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