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April delivery though. And even with that car I have no idea what to do because I want a traditional manual but apparently that transmission is garbage due to intrusive electronics (auto-blipping or rev-matching or whatever). Long story short I want to pay cash for a sports car with a manual transmission and not have to worry about taking a complete bath when it comes to resale. I work from home and drive rather infrequently which is why something like the GT3 could work....
^ Impossible where I live (Vancouver) because of limited supply. Heck, you can't even go to the Porsche dealer with the intention of buying a 911 off the showroom floor and expect to be able to test drive it (or a comparable demo). Speaking from first-hand experience as well, not hearsay.
How annoying would a 997.2 GT3 be to daily vs. how pedestrian would a 997.2 S be? What's the "sweet spot" when it comes to these cars? GTS?
Pigtail is the best piece JE has ever made. I love both of mine and plan to purchase a few more as backups.
LA or NY? Because I was just in LA and it was cold AF at night. Was in NY last month and it was hot during day and night though.
Some nice pieces but very derivative of previous Wings & Horns collections.
Dumb question nevermind
Now you know how us Canadians feel.
I wear a 42 in CPs, 43 in SLP boots, and had to size up to a 44 in skates.
SSense packaging is nothing special. Literally just a brown box.
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