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I'm not a fan of the length. 25"+ is simply too long for a rider.
lol u know ppl are desperate when they start suggesting blk dnm as a toj alternative.
The sheep has spoken.
My dislike for them is that they're ugly, end of discussion.
Those rip jeans look straight out of Zara.
^ That's because dealers need to artificially inflate the values of used vehicles so people are inclined to buy new. There is no such thing as "free market" at these auctions.
The classic beauty of the Jag? Are we talking about the same car?
GT3. Or AMG. The Jaguar looks like a glorified Mazda.
Low 60's. But why are we comparing the S6 to the C-Class? Hate to be that guy, but if I were to spend $75k on the S6 I would probably walk over to the BMW dealer and pick up a CPO'd M5.
I'm a fan of the new C, but something about that C63s just looks "off" in my opinion. I almost feel like the design is too feminine to lend itself to AMG styling.
New Posts  All Forums: