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What's the cheapest watch everyone here owns?
I take it you haven't followed the 997 GT3RS 4.0 market.
A link/code would be nice you morons.
Different strokes. I find the Alpina models to be much more gaudy than their //M counterparts.Can we get back to talking about how stunning the GT3RS is????????????????
This thing just looks so menacing
Who buys Alpina? Seriously - who is their target demographic? I'm a BMW guy through but Alpina is an enigma to me.
Holt Renfrew and Leone's.
Speaking analogue...
I think NB 993s still represent some value for your money if you want to get into a 993. We have a local guy who's been importing Porsches from Japan for the longest time. He gets some very interesting cars (he's had 2 or 3 993 RS' this past year - both of which sold well north of $200k). He just had this 964 with a pretty damn cool interior (though not my cup of tea).
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