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Anyone here used Turo before? Seems like a great way to essentially have an all-day test drive for any perspective cars you may be interested in buying, or cars you have no interest in buying but just want to drive. Found a new M3 for $105/day, V10 R8 for $240, GT4 for $170, Turbo S for $225. And to think I was just about to fork over $600 or whatever to flog a GT4 for an hour at the Porsche Experience Center in LA.
What's up with all these brands using the most horrific shades of green this season? First, Saint Laurent with their most trash teddy of all time and now this...
meh. my python FW13 harness boots are going to take a beating. other boots, like my lizard-embossed wyatts, i do try to take care of (ie. not wearing them to a bar). different strokes...
Yes, the first thing I think of when I wear my silver/gold Wyatts is "LA flea market"...
Anyone with considerable seat time in a 993 (non-Turbo) care to share their experience(s)? An interesting example has come for sale locally which has piqued my interest.
Any ideas where one could find a pair of FW13 grey destroyed denim? I'm seeing these all over IG these days
Buying what exactly? Don't get me wrong, I love Gucci's recent releases, but the majority of it strikes me as far too seasonal and not something that will have any longevity, at least not in my wardrobe.
My bad, I forgot you're the resident engineer of this thread...
I think its the shoulders I'm worried about. 19+" on the large seems super wide.
I've never cared for JE tshirts since I tend to opt for $4 tshirts and cycle through them frequently but the Anti-Expo's raw hems caught my eye. Looking at the sizing, it seems as though it runs a size big (pegging me as a size M). I've tried on other JE tshirts in the past and had to wear an XL. Does this make sense?
New Posts  All Forums: