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Maybe you're just out of shape?
Money talks. If Kering wants Hedi at Gucci, Hedi is going to Gucci.
Gucci has much more to gain than Saint Laurent has to lose.
It's still fall bro.
You're nuts. The M6 is stunning.
That was also a stunningly beautiful vehicle.Point is, the new S-Coupe is a pig.
Saw my first S-Class coupe tonight (S550). Wow - what a grotesque and absolutely hideous vehicle. Mercedes completely screwed up the proportions of the car. From afar it looks like a bigger E-Class coupe. All in all, it looks like a modern day S500 which I suppose is exactly what it is, but Mercedes really fucked up especially when you look at what a beautiful car the previous CL was. Perhaps my opinion will change when I see AMG model, but I'm not counting on it.
$550? *respectfully bows out*
FWIW, it appears as if this is an Acronym x Nike collab http://instagram.com/p/wrcMuXSX48/
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