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Your girlfriend sounds like a really lovely person.
I can't remember the last time I saw a non-XC Volvo.
Photos please.
The 5-GT was bad but I dig the 3-GT.
The new X6 looks great, IMO.
New X3 looks nice enough. The X4 is a looker, too.
The new GTC4 Lusso. Absolutely stunning IMO.
There's like 30 GT3RS' on eBay. Is anyone actually buying these things to drive, or is everyone just so gung-ho about making a quick $100k on the flip?
Some dealer in the middle of butt fuck nowhere (Saskatchewan) specced these two Gulf-liveried 918s - 1 with orange interior trim and the other with blue. Probably my favourite 918 to date. These are some of the 997s that 918 owners bought to match their 918s... Not my cup of tea.
Saint Laurent Paris London 20 Cropped Jodhpur Boot in black lizard embossed leather Size 43 Brand new with box, everything Outsole has been professionally topy'd (cost me $65) Only selling because they are a tad too big for me. Price is firm. Will keep them otherwise.
New Posts  All Forums: