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135i. I've been driving a tuned one for the past few days and it's a hoot.
57th (NYC). $2,300 or something. Nice in person, very wearable. Would need be at least 50% off for me to consider them.
Pics definitely don't do them justice...
^ I tried them on today actually and went with my normal size and they fit fine, albeit slightly tighter towards the front of the foot due to the shape of the boot.
They're in my cart, but as someone who owns gold, silver/gold woven, and red glitter Wyatts (incoming), I'm not sure how many more pairs of "special occasion" boots I need
These are tempting...
Clothing should never go on sale? Try telling that to literally every brand in the world (save for perhaps Hermes and Louis Vuitton). I swear you guys are on one today...
i love how everyone is commenting on the cut and quality and not a single person here has handled any of the pieces.
Nero owners--how awesome are they? Debating going through the headache of selling my destroyed SLP denim and purchasing the Neros instead.
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