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Pft.. lowly non-M owners
WTF is going on in that video? Fucking idiots.
Just another one of Nike's brilliant marketing schemes.
Maybe it's because we have like 50 Aventadors or something insane like that, but I never see people paying exotics much mind here in Vancouver. I'm sure it's different in other cities, but I wouldn't hesitate to daily an exotic here. But holy fuck would I get pissed if I found some cow like the one in that video sitting on mine to pose for a photo.
Those are FW14. SS15 has the distressing/rips on the rear thighs.
Black gold.
It's 2015 - is turbolag even a thing anymore?
I wear my Wyatt's almost daily (except in the pouring rain). They are a little beat and look fabulous
I put an easy 1-2k miles on a GLK and didn't really have anything bad to say about it. Seemed like a pretty decent package if you were in the market for a mid-sized SUV.
This is an epidemic in Vancouver (and has been for quite some time now).
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