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Now this is a release I can't/wont get mad about.Well executed, priced well. Kudos, Nike.
There's just something about BMWs that turn normal people into douchebags. I see it with my brother all the time - his driving behaviour is flat-out cringeworthy. Same happens to me anytime I drive a BMW. 9th wonder of the world, dare I say.
I dig the Alfa.
Friend of a friend had one. It was nothing special. It was also in the shop for about 3/4ths of his entire ownership period.
Nike has some of you by the balls. If these were a GR for sale at Footlocker, you wouldn't pay $60 for them. Facts.
Once an egg is cooked, can you un-cook it?
Is Drew white or Korean or... ?
5 seconds looking at that spreadsheet and I already have anxiety. No wonder nothing is getting done at this point.
Don't talk smack about the gated 599 http://nypost.com/2015/05/22/ferrari-dealer-suing-customer-for-trash-talking/
New Posts  All Forums: