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I can imagine a lot of owners are getting bored and dumping them for something different. Over put over 1,000 miles on the one I'm driving now and it feels like just another car at this point (albeit a fast one). It's heavy. Doesn't handle well. Pressing the gas and going fast is only fun so many times before you get bored. Especially a car like the M5, which is extremely docile in comfort settings (and even the sport settings - just my opinion though). I really wish I had...
Would you pay $75k for a twin-turbo M car with less than 2 years warranty left on it?
Where did you hear about it?
? Stock GT3 wheels.
I came. "Mohogany Metallic". I'm a fan of browns to begin with, but this colour is downright stunning. Tons of photos of 991 GT3's in PTS (paint to sample) colours here: http://rennlist.com/forums/991-gt3/819602-pts-991-gt3-colors.html
Babysitting the F10 for a few days. I know a couple of pages back someone mentioned how "blah" BMW interiors are. This particular one doesn't have extended leather, and it's remarkable how much plastic BMW managed to stuff inside the interior of a $100k car like the M5.
Audi sucks.
I, for one, really like the Panamera. Low, wide... can't go wrong with that. That said, this is the car they should have made and I can't for the life of me figure out why they didn't.
Surprised people are hyping those.
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