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Received my Neumoras the other day - smooth transaction and allaboutshoes was extremely responsive to any questions I had - excellent customer service and a pleasure doing business - highly reccomend!
PM sent with questions
Got a buddy in need of a suit that is tailored the same day it is purchased - budget is around $1K - prefers neopolitan style if possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by dahl5yankees Headed to two thrift stores today, first one found 1 Thomas Pink shirt french cuffs for $7, not bad. Was headed to the bank on the other side of town, since it was on the way stopped in at Goodwill. Not much, then see a great looking Orvis shirt. Nothing else as I went to try it on, see Etro shirt $4.99, mint condition. Try shirts on, come out find 10 Zegna pants, several Zanellas and Hiltl pants...
Interested - prices please
interested if still avail - pics and measurements please
I would be interested if price is right. 46R
I would like to see pictures of #6 please.
So where are the suits?
interested in a 56 or 58R - depends on measurements so please post measurements when you post pictures
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