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Of course. It is also advisable to specifically distrust their motives.
The kind of shit that comes out of Salon and the other leftist rags these days almost makes me wish we still had HUAC around.
It wouldn't shock me if a lot of the pedo-torture fantasies aren't even motivated by a particular outrage over the act; I think a lot of people have fantasies of torturing other people to death, and a group like pedophiles makes for a good target for that which won't draw too many objections. A shame, really, as they are very likely diseased individuals. That shouldn't dilute the seriousness of their crime, however. It's a somewhat unique crime, IMO, in that it very often...
I'm looking to buy some new Jeans, and was looking at the Rogue Territory Stanton. Sizing, however, is a little tricky, and I'm stuck between a size 32 and 33. Does anyone know how prone they are to shrinking and stretching, and how reliable the measurements on the RT website are? Thanks!
I really do hate this fucking state at times.
False flag operations are a real thing; I'm also pretty sure the Mossad is not above such tactics. As I said in my post, that could be the case here. It would be strange if that were the case, but the notion that this was an Iranian operation is also strange, given the circumstances. Until there is concrete evidence weighing in, this is open to speculation.
This could be. While it's possible that Iran just truly bungled every aspect of these attacks, it seems odd. The fact that there was only one Israeli casualty is suspiciously lucky, as is the fact that Iran stands to gain nothing from the attacks. In fact, it seems that these incidents could potentially damage Iran's international ties. If this was perpetrated by the Mossad, it was a job well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino pbj xx003 or xx009. Oni Blue cut come to mind immediately. blueingreensoho.com Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler Along with Oni and PBJ's looser models, I would look at Samurai. Their denim tends to be slubby, and their cuts tend not to be slim. Thanks, these are just the sort of cuts I was looking for!
I'm kinda stumped on a new pair of jeans. I want to try something straight leg, raw and slubby, but most of the options in that department seem a little on the slim side. I don't have monster thighs, but I do enough lifting for thigh room to be a consideration. I was thinking something with 12" thighs with a 32.5" waist and a 8-8.5" leg opening might do the trick, but again, I'm kinda stumped on brands/models. I have a pair of Nudie Average Joes in size 29, but they seem...
I give this thread two more pages before it is one group asserting that the Nazis were awesome while the other group calls them monsters. Also, old news is old. Lern2WernherVonBraun
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