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I'm looking to buy some new Jeans, and was looking at the Rogue Territory Stanton. Sizing, however, is a little tricky, and I'm stuck between a size 32 and 33. Does anyone know how prone they are to shrinking and stretching, and how reliable the measurements on the RT website are? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino pbj xx003 or xx009. Oni Blue cut come to mind immediately. Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler Along with Oni and PBJ's looser models, I would look at Samurai. Their denim tends to be slubby, and their cuts tend not to be slim. Thanks, these are just the sort of cuts I was looking for!
I'm kinda stumped on a new pair of jeans. I want to try something straight leg, raw and slubby, but most of the options in that department seem a little on the slim side. I don't have monster thighs, but I do enough lifting for thigh room to be a consideration. I was thinking something with 12" thighs with a 32.5" waist and a 8-8.5" leg opening might do the trick, but again, I'm kinda stumped on brands/models. I have a pair of Nudie Average Joes in size 29, but they seem...
Clarks are nice, I'm wearing a pair now.
It's gotta be Ace Combat Zero. The soundtrack to the final mission is eargasmic.
Wonderful items! As to the flask, I would use it as a beacon of inebrious enlightenment. In a world where people my age consider plastic cups on a pong table full of natty to be the height of alcoholic potential, where wine coolers are seen as something flavorful and exotic, I could use this flask as an instrument of change. I can be a crusader for fine wiskey, enlightening the masses as to what they are missing. With flask in hand I can slowly turn back the tide of cheap...
I wear a snug yet comfortable Park Avenue in 9.5 C, do you have any idea how these may fit?
Would you say the Narvells fit closer to a US 9.5-10 or 10-10.5? I only ask because a 9.5 Park Avenue fits me snugly but comfortably, so I may be interested depending on sizing. Thanks.
Those are amazing! Some of the issues, such as the slightly rough edges, in my opinion add to the character of the boot. I know some will disagree, but I think it adds a wonderful rustic touch that is hard to attain through mass manufactured products. Keep up the good work!
I've got a new girl. She likes good music, good food, sex, and thinks raw denim, as well as the associated break in procedure, is cool.
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