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I always wanted to watch the theatrical then the chronological right after
Just started last week. Halfway through, it's pretty good.
Just bought two mojaves and two new ways to try on. Only plan on keeping one of each. got white, summer blue, copper dawn and black
Watched this yesterday and I loved it. Had low expectations going in but it was great. It drops the ball a bit near the end but I was able to look past that.
Her wasn't quite what I thought it would be but I still enjoyed it because I found the first half absolutely hilarious (probably climaxing at the video game scene). Saw Captain Phillips and District 9, both were awesome
The Imitation Game - solid Three Days of the Condor - pretty much perfect Face/Off - almost turned it off 20 minutes in because it looked terrible but stuck it through and it ended up being pretty entertaining. Tinker Tailor is definitely on my rewatch list. was pretty lost when I saw it.
with all the birdman long shots talk, has anyone seen "Russian Ark"? shot in a museum using 33 rooms, the whole movie is ONE shot and it took them 3 tries. fucking crazy imagine being the cameraman
how do the first cut jeans fit? been wanting the black/grey pair forever now
Apocalypse Now - I watched the extended cut which apparently is inferior to the theatrical cut. Anyways it was good but I did find it to drag on a little. Started getting anxious for the showdown. A Coffee in Berlin - Always like movies with lots of dialogue. The Two Faces of January - Sort of had an old school feel to it. I enjoyed it although a lot of people seemingly didn't. Found it to be unpredictable which is always nice. Point Break - Lol much better than I...
I thought Birdman was pretty good, but it didn't strike me as best movie of the year either like it had for many others.
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