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Is Reigning Champ stuff still made in the same factory as Wings + Horns? How do their basic T-shirts compare?
Anyone know who Ssense ships with? Canadapost, Fedex, etc
Skagway's are goodyear welted right? So they give some heel height over their Converse counterparts? Is the sole still flexible?
I had a pair and yes they were fucking huge for some reason. I had size 31 I think and the waist measured ~34. For reference a stretched out APC NS size 30 would fit me decently (still tight in the crotch/seat area) and a First Cut size 31 is probably 1-2 sizes too big in the waist and much roomier throughout the leg. I would estimate that a size 29 First Cut would be the closest fit to an APC size 30.
10 Cloverfield Lane it was great. the less you know, the better.
I wanna see Gods of Egypt too. It could be the best comedy of the year
Mistress America Yet another solid film from Noah Baumbach. The pacing was excellent.
I have actually. Didn't hear back.
Can anyone ID these shoes? I have a hunch that they are some German brand. AKOG wears these in many of their product shots. AKOG is German and in previous shots they've worn Birkenstocks and Adidas, both of which are also German.
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