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Had my eye on a bunch of things and not even one is on sale
Bought from them a few times but I can't remember, will Outlier mark down packages?
Probably will. Spent $400+, marked down (forgot to what), hit with $25.Shipping was incredibly fast though. Used the free option and got my shit in 2 days. Too bad I ended up returning it so after return shipping I lost like $70.
Yup and the cardigans sell out in like 30 minutes? So tired of their small ass batches of products they KNOW will sell tons.
this whole TOJ situation really blows my mind. I never knew it was this easy to get away with scamming people of that much money. it was in my local news recently (IIRC) and some lady did something really similar. she sold custom boots and shoes, closed up shop and with a ton of unfulfilled orders. as far as I know nothing is even happening to her although she does have her own problems elsewhere as she filed for bankruptcy or something.
Anybody know what shoes these are?
Their towel is absolute shit. Keeps leaving fluff all over. Even after multiple washes this thing is still leaving that crap everywhere. No idea how they let something like that with such an obvious and noticeable flaw get past any sort of testing phase. I do like their shorts though. But yeah the whole sizing thing is maddening especially if you are not a US customer. If I see something in my size in a good color I would have to impulse buy to make sure I can even get a...
Got a pair of NS in the mail today. Probably not the cut for me. They are fine in the thighs and waist and could even taper a bit more knee down, but they are just too tight in the crotch area. I can't even lift my leg up very high and I doubt that would change even after they stretch out. Disappointing. I might not even bother with raw denim anymore. Don't think I have the time to beat them around.
Bought off ebay but they are a size or two too big for me. $140 $120 shipped to North America. Worn by previous user but still in great condition.
Are they gonna be dropping anything else? Cause honestly the outerwear looks weak as fuck this year.
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