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I love that movie too. I never really got into lucid dreaming though and I feel like I might get more out of it if I did.
Hey anyone have experience making their own home theater? Thinking of starting up a real modest one in a spare room. Also last movie I saw was "Blow Out". Real good stuff. The beginning really threw me off haha.
Any recommendations for shoes like these aside from Grenson?
Anyone know where I can get a pair of burgundy cords?
Re-watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Sunset is damn good. EASILY the better of the two IMO. Also watched some low-budget movie that became an online hit called "The Man From Earth". It was much better than I expected. Apparently they're trying to make a mini TV series out of it now. Just need some money from a Kickstarter campaign.
I liked the vest and bombers along with two of the sweaters/jackets in the homepage photos, but as usual with W+H, I'll probably only cop on discount. edit: Thinking of getting the straight fit selvage. Anyone have pics or first hand experience as to how they fade?
It had an interesting style from the trailer, I'll check it out over the week. I typically hate "horror" movies but I can tell this is probably one of the ones I won't mind. Doesn't even look scary. Probably more disturbing.
Just watched Rushmore. New favorite Wes Anderson film.
Waking Life. Love this movie. Really makes you want to re-watch it immediately.
watched The Talented Mr. Ripley today and it was really good. I was not familiar with the books at all so I definitely did not see the [[SPOILER]] quite impressed by it. I was looking for a movie to watch today and just randomly picked it because I know I've heard the name a million times although I had no idea what it was. looked it up and it was listed in crime/mystery genre with a good cast and I was sold.
New Posts  All Forums: