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Found it hard to measure it myself, give or take it's 40/41"
To those with the silk shirts, how do they fare in the summer? I hear silk isn't the best thing for hot weather because it stays wet and sticks to your skin. Also, any idea if I should get a small or XS even? 5'7, 150/155lbs, muscular build. Biggest worry is length so I want XS, but also worried about the shoulders being tight.
Does anyone do anything to their Virgils? Conditioner, oil, etc? Also dam I wish I had this season's Virgils instead of mine
$450 shipped to North America. Everywhere else PM for quote. Navy Small Wool body with super soft and cozy removeable sheepskin collar. Looks baller in person, trust me. Great condition. Only sign of wear is on the cuff as seen in the photo, but nothing really noticeable.
Fuck I want this leather jacket.
Anyone who's familiar with Visvim know if the quality of leather they use on their shoes varies significantly from year to year?
Pretty sure Lanvin fits 1 size big.
Both APC a, b or neither?
New items get drops and dropped items continue to drop to as low as 70%. Not everything that gets a markdown will continue to get marked down however. Like if something is selling alright there's no point for them to mark it down further or even at all.
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