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About to watch Blue is the Warmest Colour... Hopefully I can stay focused. Hard to watch movies at home IMO quick update: Good movie. Slightly underwhelmed considering the rave reviews. Enjoyed the ending.
Watched The Raid 2 the other day. Man the theater was going nuts haha. Movie was really, really good. IMO it improved from the first in almost every way. Of course due to the first being set entirely inside the apartment complex, the feeling of claustrophobia and the kind of suspense that naturally brings is missing in the second. But (minor spoiler from second) [[SPOILER]] Most critics seem to prefer the first while people I've talked to tend to like the second.Joe...
So general consensus is the new ways are trash? Might pick up those MW shorts if they ever restock... It's been a while. But anyone have an idea how those would fare for swimming in comparison? Says they're made of "military-spec 4-way stretch fabric" but not exactly what so I have no idea how quickly it should dry.
seriously? time to cop icebreaker and heattech
Yup definitely don't blow it all at once. I'd recommend you just buy a few pieces and put together a "staple" outfit or two to wear now. Then from their slowly add some new stuff to keep swapping in and out.
I hate "attempted delivery" cards with a passion. I was home all day, don't lie.
anyone know how the quality of their footwear is? in particular the runners
fuck yeah finally found one and just bought it. not gonna lie it seems like a rather stupid sweater to be excited over but I am genuinely pretty dam happy.
fuck I was about to buy a bunch of stuff earlier today including the new shorts but I couldn't decide between navy and purp, then someone bought the last of my size in merino co pivot. ended up not getting anything cause I dont want to drop $50 on shipping then another $40 later just for the shirt. gonna wait for thursday to see whats in for returned items.
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