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Finally got around to seeing Gone Girl. It was pretty good although not as twisted or shocking as I was expecting. Also started the Red Riding Trilogy this week. Will finish the last one today. Pretty good so far although after finishing the first one slightly confused I had to turn on subtitles for the second... the movie is in english too haha. Some people just have such a thick accent it's hard to make out exactly what they're saying.
nice decision. IMDB ratings are pure shit.
Care to share some more detailed thoughts about the Shank? Also how's the sizing?
APC New Standards size 31, brand new with tags.
Coherence - simply one of the best movies I've seen all year. Maybe even the best. This movie was SO intense. A real fun ride. A Most Wanted Man - Decent but It was just too slow for me to enjoy it any more. I've heard people say "The American" (same director) was the most boring movie they've ever seen. They probably wouldn't enjoy this one either. Kind of similar to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy I guess.
I hope they make a new vest this season. Preferably without the long tail though... Thought it just threw it off.
Yeah saw The Rover too. Better than I expected. Guy Pearce is awesome as always
Got a new pair of 31 NSs. Fit loose in the waist without even being stretched out yet, but the thighs and calves fit pretty much how I'd like them to. Think I could get away with a size down? My last pair was size 29 and stretched out fully. After gaining some weight I could still button them up fine but they were just crushing my balls. Not sure if a 30 would make all that much difference. Maybe NS just isn't cut for me.
Yup saw it! twice now actually. Great movie, I really connected with it on many levels.It's pretty funny how he turned out to kind of look like Ethan Hawke as well ha
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