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Got a new pair of 31 NSs. Fit loose in the waist without even being stretched out yet, but the thighs and calves fit pretty much how I'd like them to. Think I could get away with a size down? My last pair was size 29 and stretched out fully. After gaining some weight I could still button them up fine but they were just crushing my balls. Not sure if a 30 would make all that much difference. Maybe NS just isn't cut for me.
Yup saw it! twice now actually. Great movie, I really connected with it on many levels.It's pretty funny how he turned out to kind of look like Ethan Hawke as well ha
I have a funny story about watching the Bourne Trilogy... I never actually saw the second one. Watched the first one on TV, then tried to get a hold of The Bourne Supremacy. I did - except it was mislabelled and ended up being The Bourne Ultimatum. I had a feeling something was off right at the beginning but I also never expected to be watching the wrong movie. Figured they just skipped a ton of stuff and crammed it in a shitty flashback. Somehow I managed to watch the...
Recently: Old Joy. This was really good. Blow Out. Really good as well. And a couple of Wong Kar Wai movies: I feel like I'd have to re-watch these... I don't know why but I had a hard time following them.
I love that movie too. I never really got into lucid dreaming though and I feel like I might get more out of it if I did.
Hey anyone have experience making their own home theater? Thinking of starting up a real modest one in a spare room. Also last movie I saw was "Blow Out". Real good stuff. The beginning really threw me off haha.
Any recommendations for shoes like these aside from Grenson?
Anyone know where I can get a pair of burgundy cords?
Re-watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Sunset is damn good. EASILY the better of the two IMO. Also watched some low-budget movie that became an online hit called "The Man From Earth". It was much better than I expected. Apparently they're trying to make a mini TV series out of it now. Just need some money from a Kickstarter campaign.
I liked the vest and bombers along with two of the sweaters/jackets in the homepage photos, but as usual with W+H, I'll probably only cop on discount. edit: Thinking of getting the straight fit selvage. Anyone have pics or first hand experience as to how they fade?
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