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how do the first cut jeans fit? been wanting the black/grey pair forever now
Apocalypse Now - I watched the extended cut which apparently is inferior to the theatrical cut. Anyways it was good but I did find it to drag on a little. Started getting anxious for the showdown. A Coffee in Berlin - Always like movies with lots of dialogue. The Two Faces of January - Sort of had an old school feel to it. I enjoyed it although a lot of people seemingly didn't. Found it to be unpredictable which is always nice. Point Break - Lol much better than I...
I thought Birdman was pretty good, but it didn't strike me as best movie of the year either like it had for many others.
started watching some Eric Rohmer films. god he is great
Recently: Birdman - It was good. Acting and filming were definitely strong. The Dark Valley - Some German flick. Really enjoyed this one. Drug War - A smart Chinese thriller. The climax came late but it was well worth it. The Royal Tenenbaums - One of my fav Wes Anderson films Nightcrawler - Unique idea as far as I could tell. Good stuff. Paris, Texas - Great movie, not much else to say. Metro Manila - Decent Filipino thriller Hector and the Search for Happiness -...
I first checked Nomad and was amazed at how high the prices were... Then I remembered the weak dollar.
The small leg opening is what makes this a no for me. If I'm wearing them for rugged activities I can only assume they would look awkward as hell with such bulky boots.
Just finished John Wick. was thoroughly entertained and engaged from start to finish
I wish the new ways were just an inch or so longer.
I feel like this is a film that really didn't age well
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