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Just finished John Wick. was thoroughly entertained and engaged from start to finish
I wish the new ways were just an inch or so longer.
I feel like this is a film that really didn't age well
Has anyone seen the indigo field jacket in person? Tempted..
I made the mistake of blind watching that in theaters... it's in the top 5 worst movies I've ever seen. On the bright side the theater was completely empty so my friends and I got some good laughs in
Solid movie. The black and white was done very well. Felt like I was watching a classic.Agreed but what else should win? I would like to see something take it by total surprise.
lol I love that movie. hilarious.Last week:World on a Wire - pretty good. Much better than the remake which was absolute dog shit.I Origins - First half is better than the second but still enjoyable.Solaris - honestly I was a little disappointed. Movie felt a tad long and I was losing interestPurple Noon - Enjoyed the 1999 version much more. Having seen the remake first, this just felt very incomplete leaving out a lot of stuff the 1999 version included that made the story...
Hitchcock never fails to disappoint. I was a little sad that I had seen most of his stuff by now but I remembered he did an entire TV series
%Generally if it's really cold, people will have a dedicated jacket to stay warm rather than layer underneath a shell. Both can achieve the same end goal (warmth), although it's obviously a lot easier with say a thick parka than a rain shell since you can only layer so much. It really comes down to things like activity and personal preference. If you're going to be breaking a sweat and need the mobility it's probably better to layer underneath a shell. If you're standing...
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