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Solid movie. The black and white was done very well. Felt like I was watching a classic.Agreed but what else should win? I would like to see something take it by total surprise.
lol I love that movie. hilarious.Last week:World on a Wire - pretty good. Much better than the remake which was absolute dog shit.I Origins - First half is better than the second but still enjoyable.Solaris - honestly I was a little disappointed. Movie felt a tad long and I was losing interestPurple Noon - Enjoyed the 1999 version much more. Having seen the remake first, this just felt very incomplete leaving out a lot of stuff the 1999 version included that made the story...
Hitchcock never fails to disappoint. I was a little sad that I had seen most of his stuff by now but I remembered he did an entire TV series
%Generally if it's really cold, people will have a dedicated jacket to stay warm rather than layer underneath a shell. Both can achieve the same end goal (warmth), although it's obviously a lot easier with say a thick parka than a rain shell since you can only layer so much. It really comes down to things like activity and personal preference. If you're going to be breaking a sweat and need the mobility it's probably better to layer underneath a shell. If you're standing...
Finally got around to seeing Gone Girl. It was pretty good although not as twisted or shocking as I was expecting. Also started the Red Riding Trilogy this week. Will finish the last one today. Pretty good so far although after finishing the first one slightly confused I had to turn on subtitles for the second... the movie is in english too haha. Some people just have such a thick accent it's hard to make out exactly what they're saying.
nice decision. IMDB ratings are pure shit.
Care to share some more detailed thoughts about the Shank? Also how's the sizing?
APC New Standards size 31, brand new with tags.
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