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Yeah that movie was fucking intense. Loved it.Europa ReporteXistenZForbidden Planet
Loving a lot of OL's shirts the past couple seasons. Just wish their shirt tails weren't so dam long.
I've only seen like three movies from 2015. Map to the Stars - shit While We're Young - decent Pitch Perfect 2 - made me laugh so I can't complain Plan on watching Ex Machina today. Also I really enjoyed Croupier.
I've had one of the black denim jackets. Anything you particularly want to know about?
Got A... let's hope it fits now
Really liking both of these but might just get one. Leaning towards A. A) B)
I always wanted to watch the theatrical then the chronological right after
Just started last week. Halfway through, it's pretty good.
Just bought two mojaves and two new ways to try on. Only plan on keeping one of each. got white, summer blue, copper dawn and black
Watched this yesterday and I loved it. Had low expectations going in but it was great. It drops the ball a bit near the end but I was able to look past that.
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