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It's just genetic. My (Asian) family has nice asses though and we are very thankful for it, my sisters and I got it from my dad. I lost weight when I traded in fat for a six pack and my mom told my by butt was getting too small so I started doing squats and it came back, but I already had a "base" so to speak.
I like that haircut. Much better than a lot of Asian hairstyles. If you have naturally wavy hair I would def go for that. If I had my dad's hair I would. Some Koreans and Japanese who have straight hair get perms for it and it looks way too overdone and forced. Keep it natural and not too long.
You need to get the basic form down first. Eye on the ball, proper footwork, timing. Make sure your left foot is out front for forehands, and right for backhand, bend at the knees and follow through the hit, and always keep your feet moving! And if you can't find someone to practice with, practice against a wall. In New York, I use free handball courts which are perfect and a pretty good workout to boot.
I've seen some korean guys with it and it looks good. It just needs to be a tad longer than a white dude and you need to figure out the best product/technique.
I recently realized that all my whitnening toothpastes (was using Total with Whitening) have been making my teeth worse. I have some translucent spots, and the bleaching agents were making those spots even more translucent and uneven. So after my friend pointed out my spots were worse since he met me, I did some research and switched to an enamel restoring toothpaste by Arm & Hammer: I also considered Pronamel....
I initially wanted a duffel but instead opted for a functional patagonia backpack to take to the gym every day. It has a lined pocket with air vents for dirty clothes, a spot for my water bottle, and plenty of places for toiletries. It's not the most attractive thing in the world but it does a good job.
I have black Nike tennis shorts. I love them not just for tennis, they are just the right length (not too long, an inch or two above the knees) and I love the pockets for when I need my keys/wallet/phone at the gym or quick stop to the grocery down the block. I would play shirtless if it were allowed, but I just wear a white hanes tshirt with them, or an old T with the sleeves and sides cut off.
I'm Asian and I hate the way Asian hair looks. I'm not speaking genetically, i mean the way Asian men typically decide to style, or not style, their hair. Lots of crew cuts, shaved sides, bowl cuts that were left back in the nineties for everyone else. For me, I find more success when I let my hair get longer. If it's a hairstyle I admire on a white or latin person, I find I need my hair to be a half inch longer than theirs on the sides. Like you said, if it's too...
This blog is pretty much built around the idea of strength/fitness over bodybuilding and mass You may find a lot of information you're looking for there.
I've been using nike free 5.0 v4, I like how they look and feel and they are super light and flexible in my gym bag. Super comfy, too. I wouldn't use them if I was doing really hardcore training though, like running very long distances, but for typical everyday fitness lifting and cardio they're great for me.
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