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Do any of you know if Novelty has JR soles and if not, is there any other cobblers in the city that has? New to Toronto and would rather find something local than having to ship my shoes to get them resoled.
I've complained twice in the past 4-5 years (live in an apartment building, postman can't be bothered to call up to see if I am home so straight up leave a missing delivery thing in my mailbox). Unlike you, Canada Post was very responsive, they even called back a week or two after the complain to make sure I was actually getting my stuff right.
Think Bridgegate Was Bad? The Port Authority Is a Daily Disaster
Given you can get that much in grants, it's a bit of a no brainer really. UofT law school tuition is like $30K so it comes out roughtly the same and the HYS name, network, etc is going to open doors UofT won't. You can obviously return to canada, but it involves a bit of test taking + ontario bar. My ex boss wife did her law degree at Oxford and said it wasn't that bad though
lol, so true!!! at the 60th minute now, and at 5-0, I see them scoring 2-3 more
can't believe the thrashing porto gave bayern....
Not that I disagree with what you guys were saying related to gentrification, but it does have some benefits. Before Whole Foods came to the city and Fairway was bought by a sponsor and expanded, you had to buy your groceries at the likes of D'Agostino and Food Emporium which was (and still is) a pretty sad experience.
To be fair, as much as some of our recent thrashing can be blamed on Arsene (poor / non existent tactics, lack of defenders, etc), the players deserve by far the majority of the blame here. Giroud and Ozil in particular had been in fine form and they had such a shocking game....
what a disappointing performance, especially given our current form. i am still in disbelief we let a goal in added time right after scoring a lifeline of sort. again, we are out at the round of 16...
We are all in agreement that going to Yale is superior to Podunk, the point here was within T14 schools (ie. outside of H/S/Y, it's better to graduate top 5-10% of your class from a mid or bottom tier T14 than middle / bottom of your class at a top tier). From my own limited experience, I would say this is true and class ranking matters way more than school ranking within T14.
New Posts  All Forums: