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Perhaps ruin is too strong a word, but I still see putting a topy on a nice pair of leather shoes as the equivalent to buying a designer couch and putting plastic covers to protect the leather. I get the traction thing (leather sole are really slippery) though.Wearing normal leather shoes in the snow / slush on the other hand will without a doubt damage your shoes, topy or no topy. Water will get in (unless they are storm welted) and the salt will ruin the upper . And...
I will echo atia2 and say that I do not understand the purpose of a topy on a goodyear welted shoe. I have sunken metal toe plates put in to all my shoes and these definitely increase the life of the sole (how much does depend on your gait, but for me it's a lot) so I would advise to get these, but don't ruin the shoe with a topy. I have been out of town since my shoes arrived last weekend so excited for tomorrow, they look quite good on those photos!!
Normally, I would recommend Manhattan. Unlike most of the other study programs, it pretty much focuses on hard questions so it's best if you are aiming for a high score.I wouldn't do the GRE, while adcom are used to seeing it, employers care to some extent about your GMAT score (especially if you go to a school that has grade non-disclosure) and are generally less familiar with the GRE.
Justin, I am eagerly waiting on a pair of Brown Musuem Calf Magnolia I got through Massdrop. I realized I don't really have a belt to pair (they are all lighter shade of brown). Any suggestion? I was also wondering what cream / wax would you recommend to use? Hopefully something from you or Saphir. Thanks!!!
As other have said, the work is competent so I would go for it for something like a topy, but I wouldn't let them resole a pair of mine. Came by last summer and asked about sunken toe plate and JR soles and all I got was this deer in headlight "WTF are you talking about" look so I figured this place wasn't worthy of my shoes (as I said earlier, I still either send my shoes to my cobbler in Montreal or drop by B.Nelson when in NYC). Kind of a bummer since I got very excited...
we thought of that, but the opinion was that is it too cold of a place (tbh, I walked in front a million time, but never went in)
anyone has a recommendation or ideas for a place for hosting around 50 people (all finance professional) for drinks and hors d'oeuvre this winter / spring? Hopefully somewhere that's trendy and cool, but not too much (in the word of my boss, a cross between the Drake and the Ritz would be ideal) for some reason, I always have a hard time organizing drinks / dinner for large party so any help is appreciated!!
HI Name is Laurent and this is his website. It doesn't seem to be working at the moment so not sure if it's my computer or the site.I am from Montreal so I go a few times a year so I try to drop my shoes and then having them shipped back (mostly because I really appreciate the chats with Laurent TBH, I could easily ship there in the first place).
The issue with Novelty is that they don't do sunken metal toe plate and these are a must for me. I could be wrong, but I also don't think they use JR soles (which although they have quite increased in price, still last 2x+ longer than regular soles). I have had some minor things done and while I was ok with the work, I am not sure the capability / quality would be sufficient for a premium shoes (JL, EG, etc). So I still send my stuff to my cobbler in Montreal, which does...
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