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Does anyone has a recommendation for a leather couch repair service? The stitching on one of the cushion of my couch has come undone and need to get it fixed. thanks in advance
I almost never wear suits (usually trousers + blazer although i sometimes forgo the blazer for a sweater or cardigan) so I keep one in the office year round with a couple ties in case of emergency, but otherwise just a couple shirts for those really hot days. We also don't have showers so I am only just changing, but it makes a huge difference
I have tried the deep v neck thing and unless you are wearing a pretty thick shirt (which won't happen in the summer anyway), you can still really see the t-shirt under and it just bother me too much. Anyway, for the 10-20 days of the summer that are just too hot and it's just impossible not to sweat, I wear a t-shirt and change when I come in the office (I keep like 5-6 shirts around and have them dry cleaned in my building). I work in finance and not the only one doing...
I wouldn't think a low gpa would be a barrier if you have stellar experience, recommendations, essays and GMAT,especially for EMBA, where the gpa lose some of its relevance. But it is still an important data point showing how you performed in an academic environment so for competitive programs I really think it's crucial to have 720+ on the GMAT.I don't think coming from product management is really that non traditional though, lots of interest in tech recently and schools...
it does have its advantages although the constant flying gets pretty annoying (and expensive..)
I had a jacket shipped through royal mail and declared at £250 get past with not duties 2 weeks ago, but I also usually have stuff send to my gf in New York as USPS never, ever charges on anything (Nik's post does scare me a little bit I will admit)
I can't believe that we get the pan-am games instead (which I have less than zero interest in), would have loved to see a game of two in person
yes you are absolutely right, I am sorry.Now, I was involved in a situation that had a lot of similarities with this about 10 years ago in Japan and although a lot of people bitched, organized and got lawyers involved, etc, nothing ever happened until the police was involved. It then took a week for the people responsible to be arrested and assets seized and ultimately distributed to customers (I don't remember what the recovery % was, but it was over 50%). Anyway, I don't...
Ok, we both agree that money is fungible and that in a normal business transaction, you are not expected to be noticed or shown when money is spent. However this situation is far outside of what you would describe as normal, I think it's would be pretty fair for a customer after waiting a year or two to ask to see a balance sheet and verify that the seller has the resources to fulfill his obligations and has not misappropriated customers money. In TOJ's cases, all he would...
wow, you're such a hot shotbut do explain to the idiots how TOJ isn't a positive working capital business or how tracking of funds shouldn't be fairly straightforward please???
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