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The ol' flame shirt. Loved by fat weirdos the world over.
Take a leaf out of Miggs' book from The Silence of the Lambs. Tell her you can smell her cunt. Later on, through semen at her.
Thanks for the heads up. Fixed!
I bought these pants on a trip to the US in January. Since then, I've worn them once, since they are too tight. They are in brand new condition. The pants are based on the 19cm model of Dior denim. They are a really nice shade of brown. Measurements: waist (unaligned): 14.25" inseam: 36.25" I should mention that these pants have some stretch to them. It kills me to sell these, as I really love the colour and I'll be taking a loss. However, I can't wear them, so I may...
Does anyone else think the guy on the right kinda resembles Tim Allen?
How much does he charge for the kevlar option?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda I think if my time were worth so little, I'd kill myself. but you grind away, shoe flip mogul.
Quote: Originally Posted by laphroaig edit: I don't get the bee rim / wing rim thing either. Bee + Spoke = Bespoke.
I'll chime in about Brisbane. It pretty much won't be cold here at all during the day. However, at night it will be cold enough to need a jacket.
Bump. 200 shipped anywhere.
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