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Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Man, we could have fun with PG esque lifestyle shots of Brisbane. Wynnum Boyz. For Life. I don't think Wynnum Central cafe has the same pizazz as the one PG frequents Also, there is the ever-present risk of being bashed by ninth graders from Wynnum North State High.
1. Dior Trousers - 19cm cut - Brown - Size 27 I bought these pants on a trip to the US in January. Since then, I've worn them once because they are too tight. They are in brand new condition. The pants are based on the 19cm model of Dior denim. They are a really nice shade of brown. Measurements: waist (unaligned): 14.25" inseam: 36.25" I should mention that these pants have some stretch to them. It kills me to sell these, as I really love the colour and I'll be...
OP, are you not aware the meaning of life is to make money, kop dem jawnz and fuck bitches?
Congratulations mate. Pictures would be great. They don't have to be mounted; just holding hands will do
The bigger worry would be that it might slip in!
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk...postcount=8863 Not my cup of tea, but the tally down the bottom of the legs near the hems is pretty cool.
Everytime i see the word "therapist", I read it as "the rapist".
Quote: Originally Posted by Chiaroscuro Imagine the monstrous black hole that will form when that thing dies. Heres my facts: galaxies over time merge, and the larger galaxy will eat the smaller. It is predicted that in about 2 billion years the andromeda galaxy and the milky way will collide and merge, with the andromeda eating the milky. Also at the center of every galaxy is a super massive black hole. Which may be millions or even billions of...
Price drop!
Price drop!
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