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Go dressed as a pirate from Sierra Leone.
Bought this shirt from another member. Unfortunately, it's too big. I'm after $120USD (or $140AUD) shipped. Will consider trades for a small BoO shirt. SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by inq89 Those boys just bought themselves admission to college. All they have to do is write about character and how they've had it since childhood... Australians don't have to pay cash upfront for an education. The federal government pays for their education. The government is paid back when the (former) student's income reaches a certain level. I think the kids did an admirable thing. With that said, I would...
I wonder how long it takes before all this stuff ends up in B&S?
I wish these were a 10.5. Although, if that was the case, they wouldn't be for sale anyway.
Peter Gabriel singing The Book of Love in the Scrubs finale.
I love using "cheers" when the body of the email is quite aggressive. It always gives me a good laugh.
That makes more sense.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Fairly easy to find my basic stuff like NdG and W+H but when it comes to MMM or JS its not easy. Who stocks NdG or W+H in Brisbane?
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