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Preliminary Points - I am located in Australia. - Prices are in USD. - Buyer pays shipping costs. - I will entertain reasonable offers. - I will entertain trade offers. - Feedback can be provided on request. 1. Paul Smith York - size 11/44 These boots are in fantastic condition. I have worn these maybe 2-3 times, as sole wear indicates. I am after $200 for these plus shipping or will trade for Yorks in 43 in brown. 2. J Lindeberg - size 11/44 These boots are...
No vents. Very good used condition - it just needs a dry clean. I'll take some more photos tomorrow in better light.
No longer for sale.
Jonathan is a great guy to deal with. I can't believe his stuff isn't being snapped up at this price.
lol. I didn't even realise he had his cock out until just now.
Bump. $10 drop on the Herringbone; $5 for everything else.
Looking to get rid of some stuff I've never/rarely worn. All prices are in Australian dollars and include shipping within Australia. If there is any international interest (doubtful), postage will be extra. I accept PayPal and bank transfer. I'm not sure if this stuff will sell here, but I thought it was worth a crack before I dump them on ebay. As such, I haven't measured anything, but will gladly do so on request. 1. Herringbone barrel cuff shirt - small -...
Helix, I didn't say it was the only thing worth considering, but I think it can be a useful consideration, especially if you're really only trying to work out if you believe in the Christian god or not.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman In hoc signo vinces Haha. This was my school motto. Back to the topic, Pascal's Wager is always worth considering.
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