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Check out US eBay. I just had a look then, and it looks as though there's a couple of pairs that might suit your needs.
Yeah, I probably wouldn't accept cash either. Pride would stop me from accepting the cash, especially from my brother-in-law. Perhaps if you bought them something to decorate their new place or even a giftcard to a hardware store, they would have taken it?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie But yeah, pro keds... or those Australian shoes if you want low-tops. I can't think of the name of them now, but they are Australian and super cheap from what i've heard. robbie Dunlop Volleys?
When the words "hip" and "trendy" are used to describe clothes.
1. Having a long tongue. 2. The ability to breathe through your ears.
Count the newb in. Spent way too much on clothes last month.
Subaru > Cayman. However, if it was a 911, then it would be a very different story... Every time I see someone driving a Cayman, I wonder why they didn't just pay the premium and buy THE Porsche, rather than just A Porsche.
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