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I have a Mini Cooper S Clubman and it's a great daily driver. My neighbour has a Volkswagen Golf GTi and he loves it too. You can't go wrong with either of those cars based on your criteria.
$200 (plus shipping). Last chance before they go on ebay.
$205 (plus shipping).
I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at, but the tag is perfect.
$210 (plus shipping).
SOLD! I purchased these off another member about a month ago but wasn't happy with the fit. I believe the wash is "Day After Day". I'm after what I paid for these $215 (plus shipping) via PayPal Personal Payment. All I want to do is recoup what I paid; I'm not looking to make money on these. Original thread. Please PM any questions you have. [/quote]
Bump. Price dropped to $185.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer anybody been to the RM Williams shop where they sell factory seconds? anyone know what the price is? I was at the RM Williams factory second shop on the Gold Coast last weekend. The factory seconds sell for $220.
Bump. Price dropped to $190.
Preliminary Points - I am located in Australia. - Prices are in USD. - Buyer pays shipping costs. - I will entertain reasonable offers. - I will entertain trade offers. - Feedback can be provided on request. 1. Paul Smith York - size 11/44 These boots are in fantastic condition. I have worn these maybe 2-3 times, as sole wear indicates. I am after $200 for these plus shipping or will consider trades for other boots in size 43-44.
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