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Thanks for the recc. Any have any experience with the Wings+Horns leather sneakers?
Hey all, I'm looking for a pair of classic premium trainers (similar to CP's, Buttero, etc.) however I find the sidewalls to be slightly too thin for my taste; looking for something with a little more 'meat' specifically in the sole sidewall. Although i've never seen them in person, it seem's like the Lanvin trainers are a little more substantial, however I can't get past some of the try-hard design details on them. Although not 'classic' per-se, I also like the heft...
Assistant Merchandiser working for a large fashion retailer.
Quote: Originally Posted by BBSLM can anyone ID these boots before I start a new thread about them? Not sure but those are fire.
Any ideas where I can find slim-fit Camo Cargo pants? I know Uniqlo is a good option, but i'm in Philly not NYC. Love to find another option online...ideas? PS: Rather not get 'army navy' surplus. Like to avoid the tailor if possible.
First WAYWT. Not my best performance, but all about comfortability today. test
I just moved to Philly, and I'm looking for a barber/salon who can cut my hair similar to this picture. This is actually a bit extreme, as I would prefer more of a toned-down 'real life' version of this cut. I live in Rittenhouse area, so walking distance is key.
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