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The same effing right that lets you post here with de white gentlemens.
Matt, you want a victory? I surrender. heres some ticker tape,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for your parade UP~ and DOWN~ Geary~ since I believe the Hooker's ball is no more. And just for measure I'll pin a Spanish American War Veteran's lodge pin on your lapel for manly man cyber heroism beyond the swan call of duty. Feel better?, is the adrenaline rush of your manly victory worthy of Achillies over Hector below the walls of Troy? Do you...
For the record. We lived in the bay 2 years while my father did research at Berkeley. Our nieghbor was Alan Ginzberg who introduced the word homo to my young vocabulary and gained my mother's wrath when I said it at dinner descibing her mashed potatoes. I was stationed at TRASUPCEN Government Island, Alameda (near the approximate area where Jack London tied up Razzle Dazzle) and Treasure Island in 1976-79. I returned to attend UCB for my Masters in Archaeology, UCB...
I meant antideluvian with the first atlanteans. And to quote Rhett Butler on the whole issue " Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."
Matt, send me a Postal Money Order for $20. I'll buy myself lunch and put gas in th car. THEN, and only then will your existence and opinions have any material meaning to my life. You're about as relevant as a City Lights remaindered book by Rush Limbaugh- and less interesting.
hell no! I tried to IN A Ferris wheel with a brunette named Jeniffer. I had her bra almost unclasped when she upchucked. i don't know if it was motion sickness or me.
And here I am in California thinking I should be doing the same.
Iammatt, for Christ's fucking sake let it go. I made a semantic error of geography once and you would call all my time- and I probably lived in SF before you were even born a lie. People like you argued over the damned deckchairs 4 hours out on the Titanic and in their last bit of consciousness before hypothermia shut their brain down thought ' I was right and he was wrong.'
The 'REAL IRA'- and that sounds like a myaonnaisse ad for ' more bombs, less fat' is not the greatest threat to peace in the six counties. The greatest threat is for the two divided communities to maintain the staus quo that has kept both in social and economic misery with only a short alliance wrecked by Randolph Churchill. I had returned from my third visit to the north and was talking to the local leader of the Knights of the Red Banch, a old IRA veteran's group. This...
I corrected ( more or less) my gramatical error before seeing your post.Sometimes I do feel epathy and kindred with inanimate objects. Read Flann O'Brian's The Third Policeman and you will understand.
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