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How are the sample sales with CP? What is the usual range of % discounted?
Quote: Originally Posted by oboy_oboy Nau Warehouse sale this week (Thur-Sun). I may proxy based on interest--see sig. Have a few people interested, but could use a few more to make it worthwhile. Where is the Warehouse located?
The Modus trench is just another trench with water and wind proof exterior right? I wouldn't think it would be a replacement for extreme cold weather, unless you layer inside. Not sure if it would be a replacement for the Blazing jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by Newstyle Man still no catalog. Now I want it just out of principle. It's just plain rude. The catalog for the last few month has been crap. Nothing in there you haven't seen.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse I really want a pair of these, but won't pay retail. I keep finding other F + B shoes and boots on discount, but have yet to see these anywhere on sale. EDIT: Does the way the leather on top kinda flaps out like it does make them ever awkward to wear with your pants leg over them? Barneys has it. As long as they still have the model, it will be in their annual sale, just wait until then.
Hows the quality on the Ciro Lendini? Low price point make me think low quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by fueledbynewjersey Jcrew tracks everything, basically only people who spend a lotttt of money get sent these 20% coupons along with their catalogs. Basically its jcrew trying to get you to spend more money. So if you didn't get a coupon, you don't spend enough. Don't believe this. I have friends who literally only bought 3 or 4 times from online or in store, and received multiple coupons. Me and a few other buddies...
Sherpa hoodies for $98? Has it always been this expensive or did they increase the price this f/w season?
Kinda feeling their down shirt.
Nau had a similar jacket last year, forgot the name. Epaulet carried it. Price was around 350.
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