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also, a dark commercial grade carpet can be more modern than you think. something thin. or like a sisal carpet.
this is probably not up to the buildings standards, or even that of sound transfer etc, but what is under the carpet? if it is just a thin underlayment then concrete floors could be pretty wild. i doubt the building would go for this though. thered be a cost to finishing the concrete or pouring a topping slab though... see what the $ difference is between carpet and a cheap hard wood, it could be a price you're willing to pay. cheap harwood floors arent that bad if you...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Just a patron for awhile, and I unfortunately live close to it. Besides that I hate Koolhaas's style, here are my main complaints with this building in particular: * It's difficult to get around in and find materials. They forgot to add in escalators going down on the upper floors and it feels like they could have used a layout from a dungeon in a Legend of Zelda video game. Good luck finding the stairs for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by jmix1 I like these less than the Clarks that you posted both in terms of fit and color. I agree that the pleats do not flatter your already (admittedly) larger thighs, but they also seem to be a size too large. yes. +1 i think the old photos are much more flattering. length, color & fit all better previously. maybe try Jos for un-pleated since you say BB is out... i think it worked better before?
Quote: Originally Posted by Reckoner Hi all, I'm in the process of designing my bedroom and need ideas for bedroom + wardrobe. This is something I currently have in mind: This picture will probably be near and dear to the hearts of many on this forum. Anybody have any ideas? poliform california closets
road trip! the south is amazing (from florida to california!)
nice photos
oh hai. i leik chuck bass!
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Who is the one in black looking up at her? her sister
why not receivers on the middle floor?
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