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Heyo! (Ok, not 10s of millions, but certaibly a couple) and for the record it sucked. That house was more of a museum than one to live in. And ill probably will not be able to appreciate antiques for the rest of my life.
First ride of the year I think I've frozen my nuts off in the process, but at least I can't stop grinning:slayer:
Build something very similar as a chicken coop at my inlaws place last year...
Weather is good enough here, low 10s (celcius). Ordered and received today new megatons, the project continues. I hope that fixing the exhaust will remove the last bit of flat spot I had after removing the airbox and fitting pods. With two or three sizes bigger main jets, the needle moved two increments up I still had a bit of a flat spot between 6 and 8K rpm. With a bit of luck and elbow grease I'll be riding by sunday.
Wow, I remember that she travelled your way back then(what little ended up on the forum) congrats! Edit: awkward frase. Also, slippers Matt? Didn't styfo teach you that the rules have to be obeyed? But again, congrats to you both!
I did like the modern triton that featured on bikeexif a while back.
cool pic.. I'm anxious for spring to come, its been two months now..
Don't know, the friend was talking about 100k.. However, he's not the specialist, his father is (former gp2 rider from the 70s with several original race spec Norton manx's) if you or anyone here is seriously interested I can put them through directly..
Sorry, being a bit lazy.. Hadn't figured out how to move pics from what's app to here..Hope this works..Edit: it does, so;
Well, a 1949 Vincent 1000cc is for sale informally by a friend of a friend.. Naturally its not going to be cheap.. Already received pictures but it's waaaaaay to much for my budget, collectors only I guess
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