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No proper coverage here for that..
It's all contract here. I just cannot imagine the 6 having features I would want. But perhaps I'm not imaginative enough.
A bit, and a lot of this:http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/BrassenIts not in English, but take it through google translate..We did have a guy end up in a mental hospital, but it turned out that the 'situation' we put him in just triggered his latent schizophrenia..
Doesnt sound that bad. Then again, we focused on other shit. Alcohol challenges are banned for pledges, but they can get drunk on some occasions if they want to, with respect to alcohol they always will have the chance to refuse without repercussions. Eating mayo and that sort of thing wont happen. We were more focused on mind games, figuring out what kind of person pledges are under duress and how they react to different situations. In the end it was all focused on...
Apple needs to come up with some serious improvements on the iphone if i'm to buy a new one. I currently use the 4s, and see no need to go to the 5, or a 5s if it comes out. I'd rather let the guys at the streetcorner put it a new battery for a couple of bucks than shell out several hundred for an incremental upgrade.. I really cant see anything they can add to the iphone that would make me want a new one, I even like the design of the 4/4s better than the 5. Is the...
I cannot vouch for either procedure as I had PRK done years back. You might want to do a search on the forum, there was (i believe) a substantial thread about this subject which went in depth on the different procedures...
Never knew there was a Danish maffia....It warm today, but there's no sun.I still doubt, but spring has begun.
Double post.
Office politics. My boss is getting an advisors contract (read, is removed) because he is to big a threat to his boss. The guy can't fire him as he does his job very well, so he will be placed outside of the firing zone.. Fuck this, not only is my boss my friend, he's also the best shot we have for the coming years, as the thing we do isn't that easy.. And now he's 90% surely gone, because some incompetent prick doesn't have the balls to lead competent people, but...
I can get pics, might take a while though. My go to guy does these conversions, his latest was transplanting a g63 amg onto an 1984 chassis.. I'll ask him if he's got process pics.
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