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Funny, the Turkish ambassador in the Netherlands has been summoned to explain to our government why the AK party has (been able to) send letters to each Turkish resident here, telling them to vote for the AK party. Its a serious diplomatic signal, that unfortunately will go unheeded. On my end I only see a lot of Dutch companies closing down their branches in Turkey, and selling of joint ventures. In addition there has been an uptick in turkish companies looking to move...
+1 , anything done by Paul Bracq
Sure, mostly only the criminals.. Interestingly they tend to use their guns only on each other, normal civilians rarely see a gun irl.
Yeah, because I much rather have a hole in my head then one in my condom.
That moment when every other superfluous thought leaves your mind and the only thing that remains is utter concentration to stay on the road and alive.. oh man, I could use that right now..
Thanks. Apparently it's widely understood in Germany that a renter can be evicted if the owner needs the building. Sadly, this woman rented from the city, and the city is running out of empty buildings. For the city to build a new home for the refugees would cost 300k, so this is the cheapest option for them.Not pretty on all accounts but I don't see how this starts ww3.
Seeing that,I need to plan a weekend of golf in the uk.. Sucks that all my friends recently had a kid, and my gf doesn't play
Didnt realize it was Jimenez. In that case he's probably bending over to pick up his cigar, which is what I tend to do a lot as well.. You where right!
too late for that.. Besides, the only stretching I'm willing to do is stretching my arm out for a beer on the 19th.
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