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Which is why I hope that this mass migration will finally trigger a policy debate on how we structure our welfare states. The times that our nations could afford to give anyone a basic income that couldn't or wouldn't work are over, we could only do that due to a demographic fluke and resources that were found that we are now on the verge of exhausting. If you can't work, fine we'll support you to the point that you can live a dignified life. If you can contribute in any...
I thought they mentioned it, I read a full article in german about it. The times article mentions two possible conclusions, one thats yours (repeated abx use is an indicator of another problem that causes type2) and the other that repeated abx use can cause it.. The original publication also mentions that:http://press.endocrine.org/doi/10.1210/jc.2015-2696
I know you don't have a problem with it, my post started out just noting some impracticalities of gun control here, but its relative succes even so. I simply kept on typing.The difference between semiauto and auto is a bit lost on me, but then again its quite hard to have experience with those types of guns here I guess both of these categories have clips (without consulting wiki), which would make them not very practical for hunting, and thus would need to be controlled...
@piobare if you hadn't read this already, thought it interesting considering the US its epidemic of diabetes, and widespread use of antibiotics for basically everything.. http://time.com/4013398/antibiotics-diabetes/
It takes 50 years, no internal wars and no admissions of other countries within your no border area, but then you can get relatively close.Major stocks that where added to the illegal gun pool in western Europe when the gladio caches where discovered by criminals (fun one; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Gladio )the balkan wars didn't help either (recently dozens of former balkan ak's where confiscated here) , and there is the whole eastern Europe iron curtain...
damnit! thats the second one I missed on the forum in two days..
Soylent Green
Unless the moderates and/or druze in the area are capable of pushing the regime out and holding the area against IS with silent Israeli support, I'd say there is very little chance that the IDF would let itself get drawn into the conflict like this..
Looks like Erdogan is really going for another election to get his powers at the presidential level. The currency market has also shown what it thinks of his ambitions.. Lira down 2.7% for the day..
at 6'4" I doubt it. But it is my cue to move to the drunk thread..
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