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A hybrid town car? That would suit my perception of him...
Funny, over here the Prius and all electric cars are exempt from road tax exactly because they have such a high mileage..Then again, we already pay 9 to 10 dollars a gallon, which has a big effect on which engine one chooses. I grew up with v12's , I don't think I will ever drive a new one as a daily driver again..
What ads? Must be a North American ip thing then, as I haven't seen a full page ad on sf ever. Using safari no frills.
Nobody ever gave you the secret code that enables Tetris mode on ATM's?
TrThread title.
My streak of 7 years without the flu ended today. Oh well, still had some good books to read...
I'm 6'4" , and it works for me. Mother in law has one, cool little cars...
Gives you something to aspire to?
A good diesel would last 4 years on that milage, with proper care. No idea about availability/quality etc in the states though.
True story. I once had a girl that ripped open the corneliani shirt I was wearing, because she couldn't wait. Naturally all I could think off where the ripped seams and missing buttons while we where screwing all those hours...
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