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Never knew there was a Danish maffia....It warm today, but there's no sun.I still doubt, but spring has begun.
Double post.
Office politics. My boss is getting an advisors contract (read, is removed) because he is to big a threat to his boss. The guy can't fire him as he does his job very well, so he will be placed outside of the firing zone.. Fuck this, not only is my boss my friend, he's also the best shot we have for the coming years, as the thing we do isn't that easy.. And now he's 90% surely gone, because some incompetent prick doesn't have the balls to lead competent people, but...
I can get pics, might take a while though. My go to guy does these conversions, his latest was transplanting a g63 amg onto an 1984 chassis.. I'll ask him if he's got process pics.
Fuck 'em.Nothing ironic about driving a bike here.
New G class, not GL.And yep, total package would run up to about 60 to 70K if you import the newer one from spain or something like that. Then again, a new one costs somewhere around 200K euro. For full comparison, Piob's GL500 would run him a cool 137K euro, so thats 175K in usd.....Our government really dislikes cars
Yup, think some 2K in road tax, and 9$ a gallon to fill it up. Then there would be the insurance, which is another 2K.Basically the 'classic' amg hybrid I mentioned earlier saves a cool 4K a year in road tax, and insurance. If you buy it with your own company, you can deduct a lot of the costs of buying it in full from your taxes, which can only be done with cars that are 1/3 or more? over 25 years old.not to mention the 'bpm' tax we get on new cars here, which is 27% for...
The Gelande actually is becoming a strange beast in these parts due to a very particular quirk. As the chassis and body of this car havent changed in 30 years, a lot of these are now being imported in full options and AMG packets, then transplanted onto a 30 year old chassis with the old bodywork over it, repainted and you've got a 'classic' car with all the amenities and the engine of a new one. Upside of this is that you dont have to pay road tax as its a classic, and...
A hybrid town car? That would suit my perception of him...
Funny, over here the Prius and all electric cars are exempt from road tax exactly because they have such a high mileage..Then again, we already pay 9 to 10 dollars a gallon, which has a big effect on which engine one chooses. I grew up with v12's , I don't think I will ever drive a new one as a daily driver again..
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