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You guys should try driving in Amsterdam. Cyclists everywhere, with no regard for the simplest of rules. In addition, by law the driver of the car is ALWAYS in the wrong when you hit one.
Yes, finally got the mail that my order was ready to be shipped. Ordered the 24th of march, but after an email to meermin they indicated that the order was delayed a bit further. I'm stocked, and a little bit anxious as I had nothing to go on but the size in mm. We'll see how they fit
Bought white ones, and will definitely soak them first. Given that its a suzuki I opted to go for a classic white/blue color scheme. Currently its in its original gold/chrome guise, with the original seat still on.(first focus was to get it running, and then running well as i bought it with gummed up carburetors and a cracked airbox) Once im done it'll have a cafe seat with white tail, metallic blue tank and now white wrapping with the engine in its original chrome. And...
Just ordered exhaust wrap and some stainless ties, if I'm indoors this weekend I might as well cover up the ugly pipes.
Cool you can do that work, and a lot more professionally than I ever could. I simply hope one day to have a garage big enough to hold two or three to be able to wrench to my hearts content.In other news, even though the weather here has been very good I havent been able to ride due to gf obligations for the last two weeks. To add, I really want to, I've got new mainjets that will really put a kick into it in addition to the new megaton exhausts I put on a month ago. This...
This was pre 2006, and they where good laptops. I just had the luck of one crapping out with some fault in the motherboard, and one where I kept having to swap in a new harddrive every couple of months (this particular issue stumped everybody, in the end I decided to just ditch it for a white macbook). To be fair, I had to put in two new HDD's in the white macbook as well. Now on my second air.
I don't post in this thread that much for this very reason. My previous thinkpad laptops where on a two year cycle, since switching to mba's im on a 4 to 5 year one. They just last a lot longer for me..
Dont like the dune house either, that location allows for so much more and prettier architecture. Looks a bit like the architect wanted to incorporate view features in a traditional type of house there, and then decided to leave out all the features that make a traditional house fitting that area.. Do one or the other, don't mix. Then again, I know shit about architecture.
A midsize palmtree in a corner and fresh tulips on the table weekly.
Must feel good 😊
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