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An ashtray, a pipe, tobacco and the economist currently. I want to look like an intellectual. On topic, I kinda like the living room as a whole. Never thought I would say that about foo's. I wouldn't bother about the chipping, with all the hassle you've had with tables, they are a story on their own..
I saw that 'thing' for several years now in the distance, and never being finished. I guess now the reason becomes clear..Interestingly enough, they are building again in the region. But this thing needs to be torn down, Benidorm is an eyesore in the region as it is...
I hated retail sales, and this was in something I loved, namely cigars. Hanging around in the lounge was cool, getting to smoke whatever cigar I liked was good, but in the end I was desperate for an intellectual challenge. And btw, and don't think that having a skill in being able to relate to people will help, if anything it will only help to wear you down faster. But if you can accompany it with a lack of empathy -ergo being a sociopath- you will be very...
That's what he used last year, I'm not kidding.Then again, free is hard to beat..
Looked it up, it's the stihl combi 130 with the 135• hedgetrimmer. The combination of just those two is 900 something, I guess my fil bought another extension as well. The thing is awesome though, the long extension makes it balanced on your shoulder, thus reducing fatigue. And the engine is a lot stronger that what he had last year..
Kunk, regarding Hedge trimmers, invest in The heaviest gaspowered you can find with a long pole. The difference will be night and day. At my inlaws place it was the difference between two days of trimming and 4 hours. ( about 400meters of beech.) The one acquired here was around 1100€..
Shortgame is the key. I've shot 73 with 2 greens in regulation, and 3 fairways when I was in my prime. These days my swing is better, as I'm not tinkering anymore, but my short game is non existent due to lack of practice, high 70s is the result.
A mannequin in a straightjacket would clarify the room i think, but maybe I'm just drunk.
So the more options a car has, the more it is likely to break down? Who knew....
Whats wrong with velvet slippers? I've even got a pair with a crest on them, so that should be even worse... But I dont have a house coat, any recommendations?
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