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Can we go Dutch on that payment?
Well, the energy costs alone would make this a big timer thing only.. I wonder who will be the first:slayer:
For us it was taking that truck into the desert and traveling around for a three or four days, hopping around. Awesome place, the silence at night was deafening..
Correct! around 2008 i think..
I was driven around in one of those in the Jordanian desert. Mightily impressed on how it handled then, for such an old and in this particular case beaten up car. Our driver, Audi (yes, this led to a lot of laughs), filled up the radiator at a camel watering hole and off we went..No meaningful input to your quest Lefty, but it triggered a very nice memory that I wanted to share.
guess I missed the extra security checks/profiling that you get flying from schiphol to ben gurion. Zaventem also was in the news in a bad way a while ago in an item where reporters flew on purpose with fake passports.fwiw, I too hate US security because it so invasive yet dumb. At least the Israelis make it invasive with a plan behind it.ontopic:http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/11/economic-impact-european-refugee-crisis/414364/
Brussels zaventem. Even the flight to Ben gurion had shoddy security
Lol, in the news today. The Netherlands are sending over our own security personnel to check the bags to get all of our tourists back safely. Otherwise the Dutch airlines do not allow suitcases on Egyptian flights anymore, Egyptian security personnel has been deemed not to be trusted..
Funny, the Turkish ambassador in the Netherlands has been summoned to explain to our government why the AK party has (been able to) send letters to each Turkish resident here, telling them to vote for the AK party. Its a serious diplomatic signal, that unfortunately will go unheeded. On my end I only see a lot of Dutch companies closing down their branches in Turkey, and selling of joint ventures. In addition there has been an uptick in turkish companies looking to move...
+1 , anything done by Paul Bracq
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