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last week of may we'll sign the deal for our new apartment. Finally back to owning one after being thrown out of the family's real estate. For me its a bittersweet moment
required occupation: super villain? it is very cool though..
Distant family of mine had a very efficient but cruel way to rid their farms of rats.Regarding the linseed oil: the same works with beer. Multifunctional mana from heaven.
first 100km drive behind me. She still starts a bit tricky, but I hope that with an oil change another can of fuel system cleaner that will be cured. promised a picture a while ago, this was when the carbs where still off for cleaning..
He probably did. As I said, this stuff is not that hard. (Executing it is another matter)The whole discussion reminds me of an obnoxious uncle. He tried to explain to me how the golf swing worked, never mind he just got started in the game and still played without a hcp. I was at that time a teaching PGA professional, I still am but chose another career.
FFS idiots. did you miss the memo where he DIDNT mention his launch angle? If he is around the ideal point of 12.5 to 13 degrees, the previously mentioned backspin would ff up his ballflight considerably, making him balloon and shorten his overall ball flight and roll. Look it up, ideal is around 2800 rpm and 12.5 to 13 degrees launch angle at a club head speed of 110 to 120 mph( of the top of my head, its been a few years), which is his club head speed if I look at the...
New Posts  All Forums: