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Kunk, regarding Hedge trimmers, invest in The heaviest gaspowered you can find with a long pole. The difference will be night and day. At my inlaws place it was the difference between two days of trimming and 4 hours. ( about 400meters of beech.) The one acquired here was around 1100€..
Shortgame is the key. I've shot 73 with 2 greens in regulation, and 3 fairways when I was in my prime. These days my swing is better, as I'm not tinkering anymore, but my short game is non existent due to lack of practice, high 70s is the result.
A mannequin in a straightjacket would clarify the room i think, but maybe I'm just drunk.
So the more options a car has, the more it is likely to break down? Who knew....
Whats wrong with velvet slippers? I've even got a pair with a crest on them, so that should be even worse... But I dont have a house coat, any recommendations?
Thanks, IT is that type of piston. Problem was that we somehow couldn't retract it with two pairs of plyers. And it being a Sunday meant that I couldn't quickly borrow the tool. It'll be fixed today, but it was one major hassle.Btw, if I were to go 60s it would probably be the w108 merc with some mods....
grmbl... bloody volkswagen AG, why do you have to build relatively reliable cars, but insist on using needlessly complicated parts like a brake piston that also houses the handbrake mechanism. Spent most of my sunday afternoon trying to get the piston to retract, only to find out this cannot be done without the "VW special tool". What should have take a half hour at most, now took 4 hours and wasn't resolved. I will have to spend tomorrow morning on this as well My next...
Find somebody with a VAGCOM, they might be able to activate it if its a security feature..
Used to have a cobra driving iron, which i snapped in half during a drive. Scary feeling following through with just a grip and a piece of shaft sticking out automatically going towards your neck. After that one I had a mizuno mp33 2 iron which I loved as well, I should never have sold that set.. It's not advisable for me to play one these days, and I hit my 3 iron 210 220 yards anyway, which negates the need for one.. On a different note, I've got the shanks
It is. In airplanes they get lists made up by ground personnel where a plane is damaged, so called dent lists. You can imagine that personnel isnt that interested in damage caused by themselves (around 70% is), with aluminium or steel they have to as there is a visible dent, but with CF there usually isnt anything visible. Therefore the industry is scrambling to find ways to find out where a plane has been struck, be it by birds or by personnel.I've seen two solutions with...
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