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Or maybe send you a ticket when your car is used in something illegal. Or maybe when you do turn senile they know that the 20 assault guns in your basement could become a risk, and when your family comes to get them and see that there are 19 they have a way to know that the Mexican maid you've been porking has taken one with her.But graboids are fine as well.
interesting, didnt know that. Most if not all on this side of the pond are owned by the banks, and consequently practically free to use. Now if you want to get cash with your amex card, that will cost you a fee. but the standard debit ones are free.
The benefits rarely outweigh the costs when a longstanding marriage is broken up. I'd say keep them together.
Added Russian. His second in comand apparently as well.
They're riding a dragon. Can't get off without being consumed, can't stay on without being personified with it. Won't end well.
Actually, if they ban them on grounds of threat to the state any morsel of money coming from sources that are acknowledged supporters will be blocked, and recipients warned if not outright arrested. In addition all foundations will be immediately disbanded, and members put on the high risk list for the secret service. This means that they can willfully infiltrate these organizations even though they are illegal (remember, due to the former colony Indonesia our services...
This might be interesting, sadly only local (dutch) news sources reporting it. The dutch intelligence service (which was very effective against the anarchist/communist leaning terrorists years back) has asked the cabinet to create a new law to ban all salafist groups and movements. A majority in parliament supported it, now its up to the prosecutors office to find a way in which such a law would be possible without contradicting the freedom of speech and freedom of...
Putin has no reason to challenge NATO on this snafu, he doesn't have the forces near to challenge Turkish soil, and he's not suicidal to take on the rest of nato.. All parties concerned can play it off as a mistake (russians venturing to close to the border, turkish miscommunication whatever reason they will use to defuse this publicly). However, I do suspect that life for Turkey will become a lot tougher in the coming years, with the Kurds receiving some very nice...
New Posts  All Forums: