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Meh, I've got an eames chair but can hardly be called cool.. Then again, I only found out that it was valuable after it was in my living room. The bar however would be interesting piob.. I'm planning to convert a build in storage in the living room into one. But given the current lack of funds and other worthy causes it'll have to wait untill next year.
Medwed mentions Europe a lot, if that's what he refers to, old and new house here are not build with ac ducts. Offices are, and old patrician houses that are used as offices often have ac retrofit, which looks hideous with respect to the house. And as I understand it a heat pump here means one that uses earth warmth. In summer it pumps up cold water from the deep and uses that to cool the floor/ central heating, I. Winter the water below is warmer than ambient temp so...
Finally a day when I could work on the bike again, had to spend the last three months moving to a new apartment and working on that. Figured out why she idled so troublesome, and lately died without choke. Two out of four idle needles were broken off and stuck, cylinder 2 and 4. Fuck. Took me 2 hours to extract them.. Ordered 4 new ones and hope to spend at least one month of this season riding trouble free. And I shouldn't have bought a four cylinder to fix up as a...
Just easy out of it and take a cool shower afterwards..I was single at the time and didn't care.. With the ventilation on the smell lingered for a day or 2..
Plant a walnut tree, it worked at our old house. Near the seating area you would hardly ever get stung, a 100m further near the tea house would be a definite no go near sundown however. There wasn't one there. Apparently this it was standard practice to plant one near a seating area a 100 years ago, a practice that now seems to be lost..
Loved the bath in my previous apartment too. And FYI, the scented candle you are talking about was a cigar, taken with either a rum or whiskey. Combined with a good book it was heaven.Sadly, showers are not so tolerant towards cigars or drinks..
From the Costa Ricans. Extremely frustrating that none of the chances of the Dutch team where converted.
Cilissen had a bad trackrecord with penalties. Krul had a good one. As the commenter in NL explained, van gaal looks to other sports for inspiration. Using a specialist is usance in handball and others, just not soccer. I just hope it gives enough impetus to the team, this match has been dreadful. Anti-football
I don't see a problem. I've been playing from the tips for the last decade, and let my flight play from the medal tees. Never encountered a problem once I explained that it is to even out our respective playing experience. And for the occasional round I'll play whatever tee they are playing from, in my 62 year old mother case, this is from the forward women's tees. Which makes for an interesting experience, especially if I leave the bag at home and play a 7 iron and a...
Brake them hot, then drive through a puddle. Most of the time that's how a rotor gets warped, at least according to my mechanic..
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