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Well, I do wear kevlar jeans. sometimes with knee protectors in. Actually considering having a tailor here custom make me a pair of jeans or slacks with a fabric I have faith in with kevlar. I wear a 34/36 , which is pretty much unobtainium when it comes to motorcycle jeans.. Would be a very Styfo project..
Damn.. My sympathies, don't know what else to say..
Sounds like par for the course there.. I know of two people who had something like that here. One fell of his bike and got treated for a sore knee, but they missed the broken hip. The other was in a motorcycle accident and was so badly managed that the hospitals here where busy with him for 3 months longer(their estimate).So with that out of the way, what happened?
Amazing that it appears to be driving as well!
Second round of the year, good weather and won the longest drive with 280 meters. Scoring wise it was nothing special considering how rarely i play these days though, 82.. Not bad I think for a former scratch player that has maybe 5 rounds a year now..
Very clean! I don't see a kickstarter, battery under the seat?
Everybody needs a hobby.. Friend of mine sold his company, and was subsequently hired by another large one as their CTO with a very generous options package. As a hobby he imports low volume US muscle cars (some hennessy's and that sort). Drives them for a few weeks, and then sells them at a considerable profit. The profit is nothing compared to what he makes or has, but its what makes him happy.Another friend has approx 150K in cigars stashed that he will never be able to...
Personally I have a love for the heavier Makita stuff.. The battery power ones with 16v are great for anything but the heaviest chore. And if they can't do it I'll borrow the hilti from my father in law, but I'd skip that brand for simple home chores, it's heavy duty.
I second Elie blue, really beautiful Works pf art
Get better roads.
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