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Most here take normal petrol or diesel if its more of a working boat meant for a job.
why are MB w209 front bumpers so freaking rare to find second hand, especially with headlight washers and pdc. Hit a low concrete block while driving away from a parking spot today, and now have a hole in it. I know what a new one will cost me, which i'll do in 6 weeks or so if I can't find a suitable second hand one. But as it looks, it will be hard to find. My garage even told me that if i can find an amg one to buy that, even they find the new ones on the expensive...
beautiful, now and in 50 years...
King salman:" apres moi la deluge!"In all seriousness, that country is beyond reform. Selling the table silver when it's worthless for the first time in years(not to mention the endemic mismanagement in aramco, any buyer will probably have to eject 90% of the Saudi to have a chance to make it work) at a time when he will simply use the proceeds to plug a gap of a few years. Imho, the country is doomed, this is simply postponing a few years more for the house of saud,...
Or maybe send you a ticket when your car is used in something illegal. Or maybe when you do turn senile they know that the 20 assault guns in your basement could become a risk, and when your family comes to get them and see that there are 19 they have a way to know that the Mexican maid you've been porking has taken one with her.But graboids are fine as well.
interesting, didnt know that. Most if not all on this side of the pond are owned by the banks, and consequently practically free to use. Now if you want to get cash with your amex card, that will cost you a fee. but the standard debit ones are free.
The benefits rarely outweigh the costs when a longstanding marriage is broken up. I'd say keep them together.
Added Russian. His second in comand apparently as well.
They're riding a dragon. Can't get off without being consumed, can't stay on without being personified with it. Won't end well.
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