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Well, a 1949 Vincent 1000cc is for sale informally by a friend of a friend.. Naturally its not going to be cheap.. Already received pictures but it's waaaaaay to much for my budget, collectors only I guess
They Will be fine, he'll just need to let them rest in a humidor for a week or two afterwards. packaging for bulk cigars is also just a cartboard box with the individual boxes shrink wrapped, just let them breathe for a while in the right environment..
Yup, mainlanders. The taiwanese are fine by my book, and given that I only visit the bigger (high tech) companies here or ITRI, the people I meet are generally well cultured. Thanks for the offer of recs, but my schedule has been made from dusk to dawn until I leave, which is exhausting if fit and simply hell when you're dealing with jet lag..
Taipei luckily, and no drugs on hand. Right now I just need to get through the day and ill probably be too tired to even forage for sleeping pills after tonights dinner.
Jet lag. Why cant I just fall asleep when I'm tired and lay in bed. Third night of 4 hours sleep, and my week in Asia is just beginning. In addition, my hotel seems to be hosting some sort of rich Chinese student group. Damn anti social, entitled Zerg rush of locusts descending on the breakfast buffet taking my toast. Good thing the management set me and the other business guest apart as I was honestly contemplating to punch one to feel better.. Lack of sleep doesn't...
Oh I fully understand. It just triggered a memory of my dad telling me that his brother always used to race new cars from the importer to his dealerships after asking why this was needed. Given that though, I probably would too in your case..
Or older ones, in the 70s and 80s my family owned several mb and other dealerships. The staff told all their customers this bs, yet you wouldn't believe how these cars where raced! To the dealerships.
Rhodia. But Im biased as i use them myself.
Thats why I post it here, I don't have Facebook. Anonymity is key.
yesterday I was told that the organisation had undervalued me I thus gave me a massive bonus for the year and was to be given a raise to a level more in line with what i had done for them. today I am told that the ceo thinks that its too much and that the raise will be lower. but I should be happy with the bonus.. My anger currently knows no bounds, and its for the better that I have a three week vacation starting friday, i will not be visiting the offices until then as...
New Posts  All Forums: