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Love it.
willing to vote for the devil unknown to avoid having the devil you know in office. This will surely end well with the eo being in vogue and all..
As long as hezbollah is busy supporting Assad and getting killed I don't think the Israeli's will do anything. Once Syria gets quiet again, and Hezbollah starts posturing again, yes.. Any bets on whether once the dust settles a Kurdish state exists?
I'm a week abroad every month, all over the world. This month Japan, the next Israel. Anyway, I have been struggling with the same, as do most regular travelers I found. What works for me is portion control and 16/8 when I'm back home, and fitting in working out every other day when possible. Oh, that and alcohol control, THAT is the big weight gainer in my book. With as many business dinners as we are having the above is hard enough as it is, diets would be impossible to...
Never seen you write anything about doing stuff yourself, so would start with changing the filters and oil, then brake pads etc.NOT with a repair, especially one that isn't diagnosed first.
If I could, I would. No warranty and no returns, and selling price would be symbolic.
The main reason is that gas is heavily taxed all over Europe. Small hatch = light = better mileage. A lot of us would be driving v8 and v12 sport sedans and suv's if gas wasn't around 8 usd a gallon around here. That's without road tax, which is usually weight based. For reference, my 1640 kg diesel coupe costs me 1700 euros a year in tax, can you imagine what a 2k plus truck will cost? Again favors the small hatch. Lastly, and Finn has railed against this many a time, we...
Some remarks triggered a binge read into income inequality and the relation between vat and gdp in economic studies. From what I read there is certainly a one time negative effect (duh) when it's applied, but it's not conclusive that growth is effected. This article also turned up, which was among the stranger but also more entertaining ones: http://www.uni-muenster.de/PeaCon/dgs-mills/mills-texte/RobberBarons.htm And fwiw, in the Netherlands income tax raises approx 55...
Most here take normal petrol or diesel if its more of a working boat meant for a job.
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