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Now that I think of it, with Geert, trump and Johnson it looks like we're being screwed over by aliens with bad blonde hairdo's.
Touche on the markets, yet they are an indicator. All FDI has gone on full stop, and will stay that way for the coming years until the mess is sorted out. That is a direct loss, although opportunity loss is hard to measure. The fall of the pound however to me is a different matter, once they disengage from the common market there will be a lot less need for GBP, and simply drop in value.On the UK 'having' to pull the trigger I disagree. It wasn't a binding referendum and...
Meh, Cameron is not going to pull the trigger on article fifty. And I sincerely doubt that there is anyone in either labour or the tories that dares to, as the economic consequences will ensure that it is the end of their political career. This will end up in deadlock, until one of them has the feeling that there is enough buyers remorse to backtrack on this. The UK has already been 'Faraged' to the tune of some 150 billion and a 10% drop in the pound as a warning, I...
In terms of the nices car in grad school a friend of mine (retired for a while now) would win in my mind. The guy had a motorcycle accident at 19, which was what drove him to grad school. He got a settlement out of it as well, which was what paid for the cars. As a musicology grad he drove this: That's an iso grifo:slayer:
Nah, thats average.. Hence the mercedes to compensate.
Being 6'4" I do appreciate the larger cars of today though..
ah, the rag that is the euro national enquirer run by Russia's equivalent of Joseph Goebbles. Nicely done
methinks talking sex about these two is an entirely hypothetical discussion anyway..
Some serious muscle combining to develop and produce e-drives: http://www.autonews.com/article/20160418/OEM06/160419885/siemens-valeo-partner-to-produce-ev-motors?X-IgnoreUserAgent=1
In the same line of thought, the most outspoken advocate for electric cars in the Netherlands said to the media this week that our charging infrastructure would need a serious overhaul to manage daily driving of a decent size fleet. Yet we already have one of the densest loading infrastructures in Europe due to the industry agreeing on a standard very early on..I do think that edrives are here to stay, but they will be a part of the market next to ice driving cars. They...
New Posts  All Forums: