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different as i am in Europe, but here it doesn't pay to lawyer up for a ticket. I've had waaaaay to many over the years, and only had one retracted due to an administrative error. (lucky, as that one was some 200€). Lost my license when a judge found out it was the 4th time I had to appear in court for speeding, and had to use public transportation for three months. Probation ended two years ago, my insurance thankfully never took a hit and I never speeded since(on public...
what about the agusta f3 800?
Looks more like a coco de mer. I believe they are forbidden to be taken out of the seychelles? (too lazy to look up which island these days. My father has one thats made into an office waste basket, no idea about the value..
Everybody takes out their smartphone every 5 min to check on email, better to have the info there than to check another device.If they could do that, and create a keyfob that can unlock the car if I'm within say 3m, and unlock the start button if it's within 40cm of the steering wheel I'm on board. I've looked into starting the car with a smartphone, although tempting, the risk of no battery=no car is to big, negating that by carrying a key kinda defeats that purpose..
None of the functions offered have to do with control, its just info. With control functions, i agree. Info, give it to me on my smartphone.
Offer all that crap in an app so its optional, and use only à tiny keyfob to open close the car. Its not that hard. Edit: and an nfc tray to put nu keys in, which allows me to start the damn thing.
already looks good, finished product should be awesome.. On a related note, I bought my first bike last week. Wanted something cheap to get my hands dirty on as this really is just as much about being able to tinker, as it is to ride. Bought a suzuki gsx 400 f , which has been standing still for the last two years as the owner died. IT started, sort of, so I took of the carbs to clean them. 2 stripped screws, gaskets are done for so I'll need to order those, and a...
Don't know if you smoke cigars, but you do seem to run on alcohol
Ah, that kind of dog. I was once taken to the kennel on one of the airbases i have to visit here, 'if you like dogs you'll love ours' . Nothing lovable about those, and the guy admitted that even though he was trained to take care of them, there were times he felt uncomfortable with some. I have worn a bitesuit once with police dogs when I was invited to a training. Even though I love the critters, it's not for me. Basic training and obedience yes, attack dog no. Although...
true, but considering their abundance in government use here I guess most people can say that they have 'seen' one. Its a whole different matter to see them train or on an exhibition though!Are they as much in use on your side of the pond?
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