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This was pre 2006, and they where good laptops. I just had the luck of one crapping out with some fault in the motherboard, and one where I kept having to swap in a new harddrive every couple of months (this particular issue stumped everybody, in the end I decided to just ditch it for a white macbook). To be fair, I had to put in two new HDD's in the white macbook as well. Now on my second air.
I don't post in this thread that much for this very reason. My previous thinkpad laptops where on a two year cycle, since switching to mba's im on a 4 to 5 year one. They just last a lot longer for me..
Dont like the dune house either, that location allows for so much more and prettier architecture. Looks a bit like the architect wanted to incorporate view features in a traditional type of house there, and then decided to leave out all the features that make a traditional house fitting that area.. Do one or the other, don't mix. Then again, I know shit about architecture.
A midsize palmtree in a corner and fresh tulips on the table weekly.
Must feel good 😊
Heyo! (Ok, not 10s of millions, but certaibly a couple) and for the record it sucked. That house was more of a museum than one to live in. And ill probably will not be able to appreciate antiques for the rest of my life.
First ride of the year I think I've frozen my nuts off in the process, but at least I can't stop grinning:slayer:
Build something very similar as a chicken coop at my inlaws place last year...
Weather is good enough here, low 10s (celcius). Ordered and received today new megatons, the project continues. I hope that fixing the exhaust will remove the last bit of flat spot I had after removing the airbox and fitting pods. With two or three sizes bigger main jets, the needle moved two increments up I still had a bit of a flat spot between 6 and 8K rpm. With a bit of luck and elbow grease I'll be riding by sunday.
Wow, I remember that she travelled your way back then(what little ended up on the forum) congrats! Edit: awkward frase. Also, slippers Matt? Didn't styfo teach you that the rules have to be obeyed? But again, congrats to you both!
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