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Yup, it's just banter isn't it? I do miss the pictures of proper architecture and comments in this thread though..
You mean that wave/storm breaker in front of our coast is part of Europe?
Those who's feet are used for walking around, not measuring.
I'll shoot some this weekend, no garage where I live.
Sqm not sqf, 250 isn't small by any means.Apart from that, an apartment with a family and a formal dining room is ridiculous.
1982 Suzuki gsx 400 f in gold. The previous owner passed away 3 years ago, so it was all gummed up when I bought it in December. Still some work to do (clip ons, new exhaust pipes as these have rust holes, changing oil &filter and basic maintenance. It's my first bike so I want to get this right before I start putting on miles..
After an ultrasonic carb clean and one bottle of forte carb cleaner, with some coaxing, she has sprung to life after three years of neglect by the previous owner. Quite giddy about it all, panicked slightly when she was leaking gas, but it turned out to be an ill fitting fuel hose. Changed all of them out and now she runs at the push of a button. Now to be patient for a week until the insurance kicks in. In the meantime I'll check breaking fluid, tires and all the other...
I'm an entj, gf of 4 years is an introvert. Works fine, just que the other when you've had enough or need people. I have a lot of meetings/meet ups she doesn't participate in and stays at home, scurrying around the house. Gives me a lot of freedom, and in return I don't complain when we leave somewhere early when she wants to. Key word is: communicate If you care about each other you respects each other's needs and quirks (I HATE large 100+ people crowds, so she'll never...
Why couldn't they just build it symmetrically. This plan bothers me to no end, and yes it would if I lived there too. Just seems like there's no reason for it to be that way..
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