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I'm sure that the citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Somalia will appreciate the sentiment and press their governments to do the same. They will love being able to confiscate US properties there.
Very pretty.. That will last a lifetime..
The lefties in these parts have a saying; "at the source of every large fortune lies a crime"I guess these days we want our politicians to be corrupt
Well, Trump seems to count assets he partially owns or only owns the exploitation rights to as fully owned to inflate his wealth , why shouldn't the clintons count their charity foundation as a personal asset.
Like 'crime passionnel' being a mitigating factor when murdering ones spouse or lover of said spouse
The cash payment makes sense once you realize that the Iranians still aren't allowed to do shit with dollars and that your government needs to do the payment. They can't ask the US banks as they still aren't connected via swift to the Iranians, so they simply exchange dollars with friendly central banks into euros, Swiss francs etc..
Heard today: "Erdogan must really believe that no news is good news" 😃
Did you check with a doc or hospital for whiplash? That shit can manifest itself days later and can become a real pain, and hard to attribute to the crash weeks later.. With that type of crash it's a real possibility..
Agreed.Heard a rumor that the Armenians are agitating again, and given the state of the army at the moment and the Kurds rebelling it wouldn't bode well for the internal cohesion in turkey. Your thoughts?
A lot smaller now..
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