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at 6'4" I doubt it. But it is my cue to move to the drunk thread..
Really? You really missed this? He practically posted about it every other page, if the buyer read this forum he or she would have known to the cent what GF had spent on repairs and maintenance during his time of ownership..
If its thin gauge then the plumber will be at risk as well, at least in these parts. Last time I had one over he simply used a very long spring with the end twisted, attached to a low power drill..While he was busy we me watching I was thinking, "now why didn't I think of this and do it myself" ..
Or buy a separate clip and click that in place:http://www.dx.com/p/universal-stainless-steel-rhinestone-safety-seat-belt-buckle-silver-147515#.VdMTz_ntlBcIt even has rhinestones for that sophisticated look!
Ah, I was thinking diesel. But then you have the 2.0 (t)fsi block, which is notorious for oil use. No real way to remedy it but to change the piston springs, which will cost you.Could ask to make the mod to the oil pan ventilation or whatever it's called, that could decrease the use as well.My sister and mother have the same, which is why I know ;-)
That's absurd, what engine and mileage?
Thought you guys might enjoy this, at least I did through the process. Coffee machine is a la pavoni Stradivari, which was very due for a calcium cleanup and new rubbers.. Taking it apart: Soaking in vinegar overnight to get out the gunk, in the picture are the chrome group head, bronze piston and scree. With some assorted bits: Now this is pretty much the only type of puzzle I will consider doing. On the other hand, it's Sunday morning and I can't get coffee until...
I understand the sentiment, I truly do, but to me this is looking back with rose tinted glasses (if that expression exists in English). Yes, older cars where more simple, but they too had a lot of shit happening to them. Just not electrical, but the engine/ignition/suspension or some other critical part giving out. It's why the triple a, and my countries equivalent, used to be so much more important. Modern cars are simply better, in almost every way than what they churned...
They do here, as Finn was kind enough to point out The CLK as well as the 3series coupe kind of have a drugsdealer vibe to them. What do the dealers over there drive?Don't forget soccer women, although most of them have by now moved on to the newer models..And in this case a well dressed dickhead
Ugh, I hate dealing with car dealers.. But its done, im the new owner of a merc. clk 320 cdi. :tired: Wanted a coupe, diesel and automatic drive, which this car nicely fulfills. And I'll give you guys this quote as the coworkers had a lot of comments on my choice:" i'd rather have people think that I keep a bag of weed in the dash than that I have a labrador and two kids in the back". Which was my exact reply to them (one in two at work owns a volvo v70, with the...
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