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Any cigar bars or lounges in the San José or San Fran area? Got send there but have an easy weekend.. If anybody wants to light up with a Dutchman, let me know.
And i still do She has been driving about 35k miles a year for the last two decades without causing any accidents or hitting anything else stationary, and has a tendency for speeding as bad as myself, . I'm guessing that garage doors just don't open quick enough for her..
Eh, my mother has so far managed to drive through two garage doors. And I'll vouch for her driving skills. Shit happens
Anybody else dealing with a long lead time on orders? I've got three pants on order since late august..
Very pretty.. That will last a lifetime..
Did you check with a doc or hospital for whiplash? That shit can manifest itself days later and can become a real pain, and hard to attribute to the crash weeks later.. With that type of crash it's a real possibility..
In terms of the nices car in grad school a friend of mine (retired for a while now) would win in my mind. The guy had a motorcycle accident at 19, which was what drove him to grad school. He got a settlement out of it as well, which was what paid for the cars. As a musicology grad he drove this: That's an iso grifo:slayer:
Nah, thats average.. Hence the mercedes to compensate.
Being 6'4" I do appreciate the larger cars of today though..
methinks talking sex about these two is an entirely hypothetical discussion anyway..
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