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Did you check with a doc or hospital for whiplash? That shit can manifest itself days later and can become a real pain, and hard to attribute to the crash weeks later.. With that type of crash it's a real possibility..
Agreed.Heard a rumor that the Armenians are agitating again, and given the state of the army at the moment and the Kurds rebelling it wouldn't bode well for the internal cohesion in turkey. Your thoughts?
A lot smaller now..
Quite apt, given that the Turkish premier is going to announce a policy shift of cooperation with Assad today?
In that interpretation yes, you could call it a loss of sovereignty. It wasn't taken from them though, they knowingly and willingly voted for accepting the state aid rules that came with the common market. In essence with each treaty a country signs they sign away a bit of sovereignty, the US signed nafta and gave away a bit of sovereignty to raise import taxes on Mexico and Canada. If you do a decision will be made by a binational panel. TPP kinda does the same, it...
Btw, just had a funny thought. Given that Deutsche is the biggest lender to Donald trump, and his opaqueness about his finances, would it be inconceivable that Deutsche sold the loans to trump to a government owned bad bank? That would leave the prospective president his business interests in the hands of a foreign government..
It's why renzi is almost certain to get into trouble with his electorate. Ask any common Italian what is wrong with their banks and they'll answer that it's the people that run them. The loans that are causing the trouble are usually the ones made to friendly businesses where these banks held shares as well. His appetite to bail out these banks is rightly perceived by many as an effort to save the very people who supported berlusconi and keep them in place. Germany...
Sigh, and why do you think they where voting for this nebulous reasoning of getting relegated power back? Not because of the common market regulations as those don't touch the consumer in general, or perhaps it was because they couldn't close their borders and stop subsidies to migrants? Don't be disingenuous.And just for shits & giggles, you voted on May 22 2014 for the EU parliament (that you didn't take it seriously given the turnout of approx 35% is another matter)....
Ok, i will start to cut these replies up.. Que the tl;dr
Of course it isn't, otherwise our respective governments would have done it a while ago The unions in this case aren't the right platform to fight this fight. Instead, and this is already being done in the Netherlands, the construction companies are required to pay the national minimum wage, irrespective of the nationality of the worker. It still drives wages down to that level, but it lowers the threshold quite a bit to make use of a more skilled Dutch worker vs a Polish...
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