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Just a thought, if the Donald opens up the libel laws I'd say that breitbart would get sued into oblivion within a month with the amount of lies they peddle.
Moral hazard anyone? Any company looking for a tax break should publicly announce that they plan to fire a couple thousand people, and then wait for pres. trump to call.. at a mere 700usd per year, per worker for a decade I would say it pays off
I can't talk about the US media as I dont follow them, but about the Cologne rapes its as actually the german media that started to uncover the cover up by the German local government. As a matter of fact it was the Suddeutsche Zeitung that got hold of the secret report detailing the cover up, which kind of makes my point, western free media if they are doing their job right will do investigative reporting and hold their government to account. But only after fact checking,...
Except that with a news outlet financed by a state that has a long and documented history of spreading fake news, accusations and disinformation with the goal of destabilizing our society I think we can safely assume that everything they publish is tainted. not just by a pro Russia slant, but tailored to discredit our own governments.And for what it's worth, please find me an article on RT or Sputnik where they truly adress the abuse of human rights in Syria by the Russian...
Given the reactions in this thread so far, I guess that Trump to most was a blank slate upon which to project their wishes about what they want from a president, discarding anything he said during campaigning as "shit you say to get elected". Only that this time the shit he said, was outrageous shit tailored to get attention. All the while ignoring the only reliable indicator of what kind of president he would be, his behavior.
I can understand the low opinion of politicians. But you are seriously overestimating Trump's ethics. The man has shown over his lifetime that the only thing he cares about is to line his own pockets with no consideration for anyone else but him. And he does it with a questionable business sense, as his numerous bankruptcies show. How anyone can think he will not use the most powerful office in the US, and perhaps the world, to further line his pockets and boost his ego is...
Perhaps more like wanting to prove your car is malfunctioning by putting a gorilla in heat behind the wheel while driving on a highway?
Anybody else dealing with a long lead time on orders? I've got three pants on order since late august..
Arent you from Poland? Nice mental blockade you have that a moderate, lying politician is in your view worse than hitler.
I'm sure that the citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Somalia will appreciate the sentiment and press their governments to do the same. They will love being able to confiscate US properties there.
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