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Lovely: https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/537157586316165120
Are you sure that all the parts are as well? Having an engine made in Mexico might drive up the price a bit..
Basic geography is apparently also a bit much. The weapons being delivered to the opposition in Syria would have a hard time ending up in Libya. With Israel and Egypt as well as some desert and sea being in the way and all that. But that shouldn't stop someone from arguing that by delivering weapons in Syria, Hillary indirectly killed the ambassador in Libya.
Hope this doesn't kill the progressives impetus.
Fake news is a non issue, like the outright lies fabricated by breitbart in this case?:http://www.dw.com/en/germany-reacts-to-misleading-breitbart-new-years-eve-report/a-37042470
Call farage, he can pump 350 mln a week in the nhs.
Any cigar bars or lounges in the San José or San Fran area? Got send there but have an easy weekend.. If anybody wants to light up with a Dutchman, let me know.
I think I read somewhere that the committee can't even go to the press or police anymore if they find anything, just report back to congress. having the hunters and poachers oversee the gamekeepers, I'm sure this will end well.
They can, but the terms are subject to whatever FTA they have whenever the negotiations with the EU end. Until that point the EU-US FTA is in force, thus it wouldn't make sense to negotiate. Even worse, if the U.K. did start to negotiate they would have to clarify whatever their position would be when they exit the EU, not really something they would want when they are still negotiating that position.but whatever, international affairs are so simple that they can be...
New Posts  All Forums: