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I think the illegality of many substances is a complete joke. With that said.. I've done weed, X, lsd, opium, mushrooms, coke, and a fairly large handful of prescription drugs. I don't think their legality has much effect on if I do them or not. If it were legal I still wouldn't regularly do coke or X, out of personal preference, although I think everything should do X once in their life.. If legalized I would definitely smoke at night and take part in psychedelics...
That's what I was going to suggest. If your feet and legs are solid enough to firmly stand in place, then shadow boxing would be a great cardio workout.
Yea.. It just turned into a "why tattoos are a fad that has lasted as long as humanity" conversation.
I agree with you entirely. I was simply stating that the more original a tattoo is, the more interesting and appealing I find it.. That's why the generic lower back tattoo I don't find as attractive as some other pieces I've seen on women. For instance (and this is the most comparable picture I can come up with) I had a guest theology instructor (female) speaking on the Confessions of Augustine, and she had beautiful, delicate, thin vines that curled out of her...
Quote: Originally Posted by jkennett I believe that there is a new ink available that is completely removed by laser, unlike the old inks. http://www.thecrimson.com/article.aspx?ref=514479 I'm pretty sure I've read that with the rapid development of laser technology, all permanent tattoos will be simple to remove in the next 20 years. While I echo the posts that tramp stamps suck, I think there are some tattoos that add to sex appeal.
That's as masculine as it gets..
Depends entirely on what I'm jumping off of...
I personally think that anyone should be able to do whatever body art they like. I understand the notion of professionalism in many business positions; however, if the tattoo isn't visible when clothed in work attire I see no problem with it whatsoever. This is a pic from my senior year of college.
I was interested in seeing some pictures of everyones tattoos.. Since most people here are interested in style, and many may work in more formal environments.. I wanted to get people's takes on tattoos, especially on men who work in places where it may not be as socially acceptable; and, if anyone wants to post pics...GO FOR IT!
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife I have had occasional bouts of the insomnia, and when I get it, it is bad. I have brutal bouts with insomnia as well...
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