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Astor used to be $50.,16,Yr,Scotch&p=2
Stone's Enjoy by series is good. I also like some of the variations they do on their stout and barleywine.
Oh, I made a mistake. I completely forgot about Old Raj Blue. That would be my favorite gin in a G&T or straight.
Tastes like diabeetus.
Fentimans tonic is also very good. Just a bit below Fever Tree and way above Q, in my opinion.
Hendricks and Fever Tree
I bought two and a half cases of La Terrior. One of my favorite beers of all time.
If anyone has any extra Pappy (15, 20, 23 and Rye) I'd be interesting in trading or buying it. Looking to put together a very nice gift. Thanks!
Safe, but might taste like soap. Opening will also destroy any value they might have.
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