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Still plenty in MN. I bought a ton.That's quite a markup over the price in the US, but if you are comfortable with the price it's a great beer.Had a 2010 Abyss last night. Tons of licorice.
I thought Suede was pretty brutal.
Had a bottle of 2011 Framboise for a Cure tonight. Very good stuff. Southampton Black Raspberry for tomorrow. On a raspberry kick.
Astor used to be $50.,16,Yr,Scotch&p=2
Stone's Enjoy by series is good. I also like some of the variations they do on their stout and barleywine.
Oh, I made a mistake. I completely forgot about Old Raj Blue. That would be my favorite gin in a G&T or straight.
Tastes like diabeetus.
Fentimans tonic is also very good. Just a bit below Fever Tree and way above Q, in my opinion.
Hendricks and Fever Tree
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