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No, tastes more like a port and cognac hybrid.
Had some the other day. Good stuff, needs some age though.
I refuse to believe that adding Stagg Jr. to anything improves it.
I'll take that old expired cheery beer from your local. Thanks!
HP18, pretty much can't go wrong.Also, Talisker 18 used to be $75 a bottle...sigh.
WLW is impossible to find, but Weller 12 isn't. Weller 12 is supposedly younger PVW15. Take that with a grain of salt, but that is the rumor that people are running with these days.
Its a pretty strange comparison to make. 4R is, for the most part, a high rye bourbon and Pappy is wheated.
No distro here.
Interesting in trying this. Have heard very good things. Which one did you drink?
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