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Tell me more about those Samarolis in the background. On looks to the be 2003 "Caribbean" right?
Fwiw Pappy sits on shelves in Japan for a while. Earlier this year a buddy of mine picked up a couple '10 bottles on a visit there.
Balvine Doublewood and Laphroig 10 are usually available for around $30 here. Both are more interesting than JWB IMO.
Cheap ≠ bad
I do a fair amount of shopping in CA so I know a little about when stuff is released there.
You should make that trade if he is willing to accept your $250 valuation on the Bowmore. It appears to be replaceable for 50 euro + shipping.
It hasn't been released in CA yet, so you still have a shot at it.
That looks like a nice, and very elite tasting. I just picked up a 03 Utopia and I'm pretty close to getting a MMM to round out my vertical. Its a stupid vert, but I enjoy it.
These are worth the $15ish they run for the peace of mind that comes with shipping using them IMO.
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