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WLW is impossible to find, but Weller 12 isn't. Weller 12 is supposedly younger PVW15. Take that with a grain of salt, but that is the rumor that people are running with these days.
Its a pretty strange comparison to make. 4R is, for the most part, a high rye bourbon and Pappy is wheated.
No distro here.
Interesting in trying this. Have heard very good things. Which one did you drink?
What you got?
Pretty sure that the BA Biscotti you non-MN residents are talking about is dissimilar to the one Mr. Grant was talking about.
Mortlach F&F is still pretty easy to buy from the UK and Germany.
Ugh... I should have done this. I thought I was going to be traveling virtually all December, but it turns out my travel for the month basically ended last week... In for next year. Also fwiw, I've found that FedEx >>>>>> UPS for shipping beer.
Thoughts on them? I'm a fan of the Caribbean. Haven't had the Demerara or that particular vintage of Fiji.
Tell me more about those Samarolis in the background. On looks to the be 2003 "Caribbean" right?
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