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Which is the IPA with brett? Had that when I was in NYC about a month ago. Probably the best IPA I had all year.
Regular Edmundo that came in a jar for Spain.
^ yes indeed. Very good glass.
Michael Jackson, amongst other seem to disagree with the commonly held belief that whisk(e)ys are done changing when they hit the bottle. http://www.maltmaniacs.net/e-pistle-200902-do-you-believe-in-bottle-maturation/
You didn't send any of you La Roja GRs? Weak homie.Maine beer company "mean old tom" vanilla. - this good? Loves me vanilla in beer and Maine Beer Co.
No, tastes more like a port and cognac hybrid.
Had some the other day. Good stuff, needs some age though.
I refuse to believe that adding Stagg Jr. to anything improves it.
I'll take that old expired cheery beer from your local. Thanks!
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