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MMMMMMM, Blushing Monk.
Well, had you not traded away your bottles you would know.
Laphroaig 15 >>>>>>>>> Laphroaig 18 Probably because the 15 was really more like 20 - 22 years old, but still. What a whisky.
I've heard that there are some unscrupulous Far Easterners buying them and recapping them. It really wouldn't be that hard, all you need is the foil top.
They will be full again shortly...
I passed on Hirsch's at $65 - $200, Pappy decanters at MSPR, etc. If I knew then...
I've got an 08 Saz18 that I'd consider trading for something Pappy, 4R or otherwise exciting, if anyone is interested. Happy to talk. Could expand beyond that too.
Longest ISO ever
I'd go like this:2015Rye231012
Haven't bought a Parker's since 3. How is 7?
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