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Don't worry, living in MN you won't find any of them anyways. Crap allocations here.
If you can ever find an old Glengoyne Scottish Oak kicking around jump on it. Really interesting stuff.
Found Fernet this week and picked up a couple. The base beer is great, not sure that the barrel aging adds a ton. Maybe a lightly cooling sensation. I like the beer a lot though.
$300 - 400 is crazy for Lot B. $250 is crazy. Anything over $100 is crazy.
^ most of the stuff you are searching for doesn't hit the stores' websites, much less WSP. WSP is a great tool, but it won't land you Pappys and Antiques generally.
Which is the IPA with brett? Had that when I was in NYC about a month ago. Probably the best IPA I had all year.
Regular Edmundo that came in a jar for Spain.
^ yes indeed. Very good glass.
Michael Jackson, amongst other seem to disagree with the commonly held belief that whisk(e)ys are done changing when they hit the bottle. http://www.maltmaniacs.net/e-pistle-200902-do-you-believe-in-bottle-maturation/
New Posts  All Forums: