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Cask strength every time and all the time. Quarter cask of that's around the same price is more approachable than those two.
I've been drinking mostly Berliner Weisses this summer. Perfect beer for summer.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I'm better than well informed. I'm sure you'll be fine, though it won't feel that way when you walk out of there.
Bar exam? Tis the season.Make sure you celebrate like a boss afterwards!
Tried it with a little beer. Good way to practice finding the "sweet spot" in the glass. Not a beer glass by any stretch of the imagination though.
Even at 60% the alcohol doesn't overpower the nose with the NEAT. All the richness is still there, but the nose singe is gone. Pretty incredible.
Takes a little practice. The liquid kind of rushes under your lip and disperses evenly on your tongue. Have to sip slower with these.
I'm going to try with something cask strength tomorrow. Supposedly higher ABV is where the NEAT glass really shines. I imagine intricate, albeit smaller, cocktails would be really interesting out of these.
First test, HP12, one of my benchmark malts. The NEAT glass is far superior to the Glencairn. The HP tastes almost abrasive out of the Glencairn compared to the NEAT and the aromas are full of alcohol that the NEAT hides. I was not expecting such dramatic results. More tests are in order.
Me thinks its the drink too much wine industry.
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