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So did the old line!
A friend of mine is looking for Pappy and is willing to pay a decent premium for it. I don't want to part with mine, but if anyone has any they want to part with let me know what you have and name your price. Thanks!
I've done some Baptiste classes recently that have been amongst the most brutal workouts I've ever encountered. Absolutely loved it. Anyone else try Baptiste before?
I just wanted to quote this Internet moment of awesomeness to ensure that it could remain alive and unedited forever.
I haven't opened the bottle yet.Your story, while I'm sure true to your experience, makes little sense to me. Whiskey is aged exposed to air so the oxidation of 15 minutes in a glass is almost entirely inconsequential in affecting the taste of the spirit. If anything, 15 in the glass would mellow it out some by allowing some of the alcohol vapor to dissipate.Perhaps someone tried to poison you in the 15 minutes you left the whiskey to sit?
Someone just sent me a bottle of this too. I looked at the label and thought it was a joke. Absolutely heinous.
This is still happening. Anyone?
No mess up. MSRP is 9.99 here. Got four more this afternoon.
Got three for $32 today. I don't know if the store messed up or what, but I'm not complaining.
This site and Safari have not been getting along in the past week or so. Constant crashes and non-loading pages.
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