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The Diamond 99 SVW, to me, isn't that remarkable. The S on the other hand... Those seem to be pretty common on eBay still. Granted, not for retail pricing. A 1978 Skeldon just sold at auction for something like £2,100 + premium. It's not like the old days when TWE had Albion and Blairmont languishing on the site for months. Bielle is very good. I have the 40th Anniversary and 2007 Brut de Fut open now. The BdF is more to my taste.I think the reason that Velier is more well...
@crdb Are there still Rhum Rhum lobsters floating around? Six months, or so, ago they could be found, but I haven't seen any since they popped up in the U.K. Very briefly. Frogs are a pretty good substitute, but lack some of the richness of lobster, and substitute it for a bit more wood astringency. Curious if you tried the LMDW single barrel to see how it compares?
I could smoke these forever. Not as good as old LFDC, but better than most every post 2008 cigar I've had. The first LFDC RE UK was even better.
Not much. You still smoking and drinking?
If you want to taste some real, unadulterated Laphroaig look for the 2015 Caradias. Its in a green and white tube.
Always a gamer for some berben.
I've been trying to track one of these down since they came out for Urban Outfitters like 5 years ago. Very happy to have it !
No Pappy this year, but I did well on Stagg and WLW.
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