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No Pappy this year, but I did well on Stagg and WLW.
Have you tried one of those yet? Probably more curious about them than any release in the last two years...Up for swapping for a couple if you crack the box too.
Plantation 20 rum is $35 - $45 in the States.
I've gotten more into tequila recently. Fortaleza and Tapatio are making some very good stuff right now.
Looking for a 40mm Panerai. Preference to a blue-dail one, but open to others. The more intact the better. Thanks!
^ Tippins?
I picked up two Louisvilles, a Frankfort and a Julio's Frankfort recently. The Julio's was the most expensive.
Frankforts went for $500 recently and I had a guy tell me $650 for a Louisville two days ago. You had better move fast if you want to get one anywhere near $500.
True story.
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