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Same day I left the Canalis I picked up a pair of lacoste selvedge for myself. It's hit or miss like anywhere else but in the last couple years I've been going there there's usually Zegna and Canali, I've gotten Alden Shell, Versace leather , 2 kitons, Brioni etc. Definitely the best store in town for consistency
Left those behind a couple days ago that's a good store though if you're back this way again@dad2bandm
Barrie last. probably ok for most 10.5 as well
priced for quick sale. Alden for Barney's Shell Cordovan Chukka. $675 new. good condition, some heel wear on both sides, more noticeably the right. Price includes shipping in Canada and CONUSA. Paypal only please.
doing some much needed closet cleaning. All prices include shipping in Canada/CONUSA. All items are in as new condition. My photo skills are somewhat lacking, if you need more pics or measurements of something specific let me know. Paypal only please. thanks $90 NOW $75 Jack Victor Bamboo 100% bamboo, 42R 2 button, 2 vent, chest 21, sleeve 25.75, shoulder 19, BOC 31 made in Canada $125 NOW $100 Corneliani tweed 52Reu, 3 button, 2 vent, chest 23, sleeve 26, shoulder...
big price drop to $175
very nice shape. A scuff on the inside toe of the right shoe. A classic. price includes shipping/insurance in Canada/Conusa. Paypal only please
very nice condition Prada suede shoes. price includes shipping/insurance in CONUSA/Canada. Paypal only please.
Outstanding Brooks Bros. 1818 Fitgerald. 42R, 36 waist. chest 21 sleeve 24.5 shoulder 19.25 length from bottom of collar 30 waist .36 inseam 29+2 folded under, no cuff shipping/insurance included in CONUSA/Canada. Paypal only please. Let me know if you have any questions.
excellent condition Brioni double breasted suit. Solid navy. Nice heavy weight fabric for the upcoming cool months. chest 22 sleeve 23.75 shoulder 20 length from bottom of collar 30.5 waist 36 inseam 29+1.5" cuff price includes shipping/insurance. Paypal only please
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