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Hi @SeamasterLux, the coat is fully canvassed.
Thanks a lot @Arion — very helpful! I noticed that your Stone Twill sample is actually the Stone Grey Twill because the photo filename has the same "SRS53" that's written on your sample: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0109/6372/products/SRS53_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1396709715 . The Light Tan Twill looks very different as well and has a different code. I wish Luxire would sort these fabric inconsistencies out. You order by the sample and get something totally different.
Would really appreciate it if you could take a photo of all these khaki/tan/stone/off-white samples all in one picture, with maybe a white sheet of paper for reference. Easier to see the difference between them.
Bought this used but it is slightly too big for me, so I have to let it go. [[SPOILER]]The jacket is just starting to get that patina as there is some wear on some of the seams and edges.Otherwise in very good condition.Size chart at Bureau is true.Retails for about 965 €, my price is 390 €Shipping:US 40 €EU 30 €Anywhere else, contact me.
I have the Sky Blue and Blue Pinpoint Oxfords. The Sky Blue is what I would consider a regular, medium weight oxford, with the somewhat coarse structure to match. I love the pale blue color. The Pinpoint is thinner and has less texture in the weave and thus wrinkles more easily, but not overly so. The color is also slightly darker. Both very serviceable fabrics.I ordered them with the same measurements but the Sky Blue feels slightly more constrictive. Not sure if this is...
Sure. I'm probably getting a light blue linen as well. Recently got the navy chambray and was kind of surprised how well the dark blue worked for me so figured I'd try it in linen. Not wearing it with a jacket though.
I've been thinking of a navy linen shirt like this:Possible fabrics:http://luxire.com/products/cotton-linen-navyhttp://luxire.com/products/dark_indigo_linenI don't have swatches of them so I'm afraid the dark indigo might be too dark, and I'd like the cotton-linen to be a bit more blue. Might have to order something else first to get the swatches.Would be great with light colored pants — light grey wool, light tan, white, etc.
I like my casual collars with soft or no underlining but the problem with those is that sometimes the collar lays flat (I don't wear them with a jacket or a tie). Do you guys think it would make sense to have a collar band with medium lining, and a collar leaf with no lining? That way the collar band would stay up and the leaf would just hang there in all its casualness. Luxire, what say you?
I'm about to order a pair of off-white jeans. Any fabric suggestions?
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