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...or more clean, as there will be less bunching of fabric in the middle of the back.
Here's hoping for some introductory offers!
I wish they would drop a plain mid-grey Havana already. None of these padded models work for me.
^ That is a nice collar. For anyone with experience with the Brisbane Moss Canvas — do you guys think it would make a good trucker jacket?
How heavy is the shoulder padding on a Lazio? SuSu says it's "lightly padded" but then again they say the same about Napoli, and that has way too much padding for me.
@luxire, am I correct in assuming that there's something wrong with this fabric photo? http://luxire.com/products/navy-pinpoint-overdyed-oxford It looks very bright green to me.
Also worth checking out: White Cellulare.
Anyone have this Giro Inglese shirt? Wondering how see-through it is.
Pretty much every business that handles distribution in multiple currency areas.
It just might be that the first issue will sort out the last two.
New Posts  All Forums: