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@nqtri I wear a 7.5 UK in Hiro, so that would be a yes!
Can the wool MA-1 be made with shirring in the back of the sleeves?
This belt is in flawless condition. It is used but you can hardly tell. Please see photos. Size 105. (105 cm / 41.34 inches from buckle end to middle hole.) Retails for 390 EUR. Original storage box and bag included. Shipping w/ tracking is included to EU/US/Canada. Will ship carefully packaged from Finland.
I'm a 26 cm / UK7.5. @Maxim Olar's 27.5 cm is more like UK9 or 9.5.
They made a mistake. There is no way you can fit into a UK6. You need about 15 mm extra at the front of the shoe, so for you its 267 mm + 15 mm = 282 mm. They have measurements for the Ron last here. 282 mm puts you between UK7.5 and UK8.The width is a bit trickier because even though the shoe widens a bit from the measurement as you go up from the insole, you still have quite wide feet. If your measurements are correct, I don't think you could fit into the Ron last...
How did you measure? 7 cm seems abnormally narrow for your length (or any length for that matter!) and 27 cm too long for your UK 8 Loakes.
Thanks. Everything I've tried from Meermin has a low instep.
What's the instep like on the 915 last? High/low? Compared to Meermin?
Thanks @razl! You have a wrong link there btw Also, added measurements.
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