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Would a white suit be suitable in any situation? I'm a young university art student and tend to have a penchant for white clothing. I've always liked the idea of a white suit but more times than not, I've seen then worn really poorly a la basketball players with loose 5 button suits or tight and gawdy like a washed out art major/rockstar. Also being a college student, I'm on a budget so does anyone have a recomendation on brands. I know most people here tend to lean...
I couldn't find the stacked skinny's at the Union Square Levi's store. How odd. I did find about 6 pairs of Capital E's that didn't have a model name, nor could someone who worked there tell me what it was.
Where'd you get your BBDS's? I've been wanting a pair to replace my favorite pair of jeans abd they seem to fit the bill.
It's pretty common for people to bring in photo's or look through books at a barbershop so I don't see why celebrities would make a difference. I wouldn't mind asking for this one johnny depp hair cut once it's long enough.
I don't remember seeing the stacked skinny's at the SF Union Square location. Weird. I'm pretty sure the Skinner's and the Strummers are there but I don't recall the 501's, Offenders, or Amblers, though they used to carry the 501's.
I have a question, does oily hair and skin help cause acne? Or is it mostly just diet and genetics? I also have combination skin during the winter and oily skin during the summer.
Work World @ the mall has them as far as I know. I don't know if you have that store anywhere nearby though.
How much did that hoodie cost? And does anyone know if it comes in white?
Quote: Originally Posted by tangerine I live in San Francisco and the California fleece hoodies are good lightweight hoodies IMO. I am a 36 and would ideally wear something between AA's small and medium if it existed. I mostly wear the mediums. Size 24-25? whooops i meant 34 hah.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Size up in AA. I could even see going up two sizes. I am a skinny 36 and the small ripped when I tried to put it on. I'm a size 24, 5'5 and 113 lbs, do you think a small would still rip? I don't mind the hoodie being too light, i already have a nice thick russell hoodie, i just want another one to throw on when i'm having a bad shirt day, the same way you'd throw on a beanie on a bad hair day. And also use it...
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