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Wow I'm sure reading all that has just made some people feel hopeless. Really the only thing you can do to be 100% safe is to avoid sunlight. Though I've heard natural sunlight actually makes people feel happier.
Since we're on the subject, what kinds of sunblock are recommended? I heard we should use a sunblock that blocks UVA and UVB rays but that many brands only block one type of ray. As a young adult in college, I notice Banana Boat reigns supreme among my age group and younger teens but I'm sure there are much better products out there. Also since the sun affects different skin colors as Geowu mentioned. Are there products to look out for, for specific skin tones (I, for...
I have thin, 5 in. long hair. I seem to loose more hair than I personally feel is normal and combined with my hair being thin, it's not a good thing. You can't really see my scalp because my hair is moderately long but it bothers me. Can anyone recommend a shampoo/conditioner? I've tried a hair thickening shampoo by Redken for Men and just recently bought Garnier Fructice for thin hair but I haven't used it yet.
Whoops. What I *meant* to say was that I heard pleated khaki's were a no-no.
I heard somewhere that flat front khakis/chinos were a no-no for one reason or another, does anyone agree or is it strictly personal preference? I tried searching but didn't really find what I was looking for.
When I was a teen in the early 2000's I used to wear baggy white jeans and white shirts, hats, shoes etc... sounds hideous now but i got a lot of positive attention from teenaged girls. Now it's mid 2000's and i'm 20. The only white pair of jeans i have are a pair of Levi's 501's hemmed so i wouldn't step on them w/ sandals on. As much as I like white clothing, I'm not sure when I'll ever see myself wearing them again. Maybe so. cal.
I just remembered Express Men doesn't sell sizes smaller than 38short and 30 pants. I bought a black 38 suit jacket before I knew anything about suits and now realize it's all wrong and I need at least a size 36. The pants should have been fine at a size 30 if they were a true 30. I just measured my jeans and they're about a size 31.5 and since the pants I've bought also run big, I assume they're about a 31.5 as well.
So what do people feel about brands like Banana Republic or Express Men?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso I like them but they're not for the office. Yeah, I don't intend on ever using it for the office. Just as a casual suit for a party or gathering perhaps. Or whenever I'm feeling cheery.
Whoops. Soory if this topic has been discussed recently. I searched but based on thread titles I didn't see any that looked to be related.
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