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Quote: Originally Posted by wilson brother I am sorry about your girlfriend..and I must say this girl could be crazy to want to leave California(!!)..maybe she wants to work for Nasa to go back to Mars Haha, yeah I try to get her to do things I'm interested in as well but that doesn't work. Pretty sad when I can't take my own girl shopping. I want to take her to art exhibits as well but she already thinks I'm a nerd for pointing out every...
No my girl and I have quite different dreams. I love the Bay Area and want to pretty much stay here for a good portion of my life. If I move elsewhere it would be Chicago/New York for Graphic Design opportunities or somewhere in Europe like France for the experience. However, it would really only be a few years tops. My girlfriend doesn't like the Bay Area and claims she's from Florida even though she's lived here the longest and has lived in more Bay Area cities than...
Wow, thanks for the info! That's great. I've heard the whole using the right products for the right skin type thing but my skin is combination. Dry where my nose meets my face and where my ears meet my face but oily everywhere else. Only thing is most products seem to either dry/normal or oily/normal but never both. I was afraid I'd have to buy two kinds for use on specific parts of my face. I also used to have rashes occasionally but I wouldn't say I was prone to them....
I was just wondering what line of men's skin care do people prefer. I've searched and stumbled upon a few threads stating that people generally didn't like Lab Series moisturizers and did like Kiehl's moisutrizers. However, I was also thinking along the lines of face washes, exfoiliants/scrubs/masks, as well as moisturizers. I went to Macy's the other day and was looking at Clinique m-lotion and the employees seemed to push the entire line of Lab Series stuff more. I liked...
I'm 20 and I've had a very similar hairstyle late last year. I had nothing but compliments and I've tried everything from bald, to faux-hawks, to 5 in. long hair (and still growing). It's actually gotten me the most consistent amount of compliments as far as I remember. But then again, I'm Filipino so if what Fuuma says holds true, I basically look latin AND south-east asian.
I tend to check out jeans mostly when I'm following a person. It's hard for me to tell what kind of jeans a person is wearing from the front so i only check out the whiskers, though I always fear people think I'm staring at a guys' junk.
Vans have always been popular but a large influx (at least in the Bay Area) of popularity spurs from the Hyphy movement in the bay. There's even a song about throwing out your Nikes and buying Vans instead. So basically. It's the anti-Nike. Easy to wear, buy, is cheap, and if you scuff them you can buy new ones.
I honestly think you just need a dab of pomade. Not too much or your hair will get shiny. I used Redken for Men personally when I had a hairstyle just about the same length as you.
Levi's Store in SF does patches and rhinestones as well as some other things.
System of A Down, Outkast, 2Pac, AFI... and yeah. Angsty music like Jimmy Eat World works too sometimes. My gym tends to play good workout music though so I don't need to bring my own. I think they might use mix tapes.
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