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I may be attending a summer wedding in Sacramento sometime next month and was wondering if a bow tie, chinos and skipping the jacket would be a terrible thing to do. If not, what else would you all suggest, I'm 20 and looking to dress down a bit since my girlfriend tells me the groom isn't wearing black and white or anything. If I remember correctly, he's wearing champagne color.
I think people just don't have the patience to patch things up anymore. It fails more than it succeeds because people don't care. Sure, it may be the same as the first three years of a relationship but am I wrong to say there can be stages of love that can develop throughout marriage? 50 years is a long time to be in a state of pure romantic sexual happiness.
Since the RR is technically a bootcut, wouldn't it be weird to hem them? I have short legs and as much as i don't mind the bunched look, a 32 inseam is just too long and I don't want to cuff *all* my jeans. But I'm guessing since it's only a bootcut because the knees are tapered, it shouldn't be a problem right? Aside from the knee taper probably being too low for my legs. I assumed the SS would have been democratic of the two because isn't it the most straight cut?...
Is there a reason the RRDS's are the most popular Nudie jean? Is the quality any better than SSDS or BBDS? Or is the bootcut fit just more popular?
wouldn't a small cuff at the bottom also prevent bleeding?
I would imagine you'd get unnatural creasing too. Plus most of the night we're in REM sleep meaning our bodies will be completely paralized from the neck down (and have engorged genitals for extra comfort). So whatever position we end up in you'll be in that position for quite some time. Then you cycle back through the stages of sleep (where you can move and hear things in your sleep) until you reach REM sleep again. I think it happens about 5 times during the night where...
I feel the same way about multi-vitamins. I use GNC brand protein powder and it isn't the worst thing in the world. I accidently thought the multi-vitamins were chewable and now they taste terrible to me. Not to mention the fact that they're much larger than your ordinary pill.
I know. Just haven't had the time to go out and get anything yet. Finals week for my summer semester is dawning on me. Thanks again for the comments.
Quote: Originally Posted by Associate Thanks but, being a lawyer by trade, I am hardly an expert. The product will certainly not harm you, except maybe in the pocket area. It's just not very different than using a mild shampoo for washing you face (which is not a terrible idea, BTW). This information is available to all on the Internet. My interest sparked when a female friend and I had an argument about the merits and hype of cosmetic products....
From what I've learned from shaving, it's optimal to shave after a warm/hot shower to open up your pores. However, on a day that's already hot, would room temperature water still work? I find it hard to have to take warm showers because lately weather has been reaching 100+ degrees in some areas. Also, a lot of skin care products boast oil control so would a regular regimen of face wash, toner/astringent, exfoliant/mask, and moisturizer actually prevent future breakouts?...
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