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Everything Tck said. Just wanna stress not using it on wet hair. Towel dry until damp and use sparingly.
I find that the during the first 20 minutes it's really easy to cum but after that you become a little less sensitive and lets you last longer. I'd say to just pace yourself and don't tire yourself out or you'll never cum. Unless your girl is good at cowgirl style. She's a keeper.
Sorry for posting yet another hair thread but I was wondering if anyone knew a good respectable salon that do men's hair cuts in San Francisco. I know it's rather absurd because any place that can call themselves a salon in San Francisco is probably going to be great but to tell the truth, I wouldn't know where they were located. I'd prefer one in the Union Square/Financial/Yerba Buena District. I don't know how expensive Salons can get but something under $100 or even $70...
Is there anyone who meditates on a regular basis at all or use any other type of relaxation technique, be it working out, writing poetry etc.? I'm interested in what people do or know about and wish they could do more regularly. Basic techniques you can do at the comfort of your own home would be best but even more advanced techniques are good. In high school, some of the teachers took class time to do a basic breathing technique in which you sit in a relaxed position...
It'll do subtle fading... they are tiny rocks after all... (yeah i know they're not really rocks but I'm an art major and I watched Eternal Sunshine. Cut me some slack)
The Seawater recipe comes from the idea that salt will also prevent indigo loss but many people say this is either false or not worth swimming around in the ocean. Also the sand will create more unique distressing. Unfortunately one of the biggest reasons not to do it is your jeans smelling like the ocean once it's nice and dry since it replaces regular washing.
Wearing jeans for long periods of time removes indigo dye where there is the most wear. Washing them removes indigo evenly throughout the jeans making the wear less distinct. Cold water removes minimal indigo while machine wash removes maximum indigo. Black woolite is supposed to prevent a lot of indigo loss however most people will tell you to use organic soap because I believe it doesn't have any active ingredients that would aid indigo loss.
Quote: Originally Posted by Babar It's funny because it's true I'm still wearing my STF's after washing them because I can't afford better jeans.
A decent amount of people are into raw denim and wearing them for long periods of time to give them a personal touch. If a rip forms naturally, it should be embraced but I never understood why you would pay someone else to rip a hole in your pants.
Haha, no need to apologize. And I'm definately willing to wear a bow tie. Maybe I'd be willing to do the preppy thing if I rounded up enough money to buy some new pants.
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