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Here's a picture of the backside, if you guys want a close up let me know. The measurements of the small as I see them are... Pit-to-pit 19.5 in Arm inseam 20.25 Cuff opening 4.5 Waist opening 18.5 Pit-to-waist rise 14.5 Shoulder 17.5
I actually bought this jacket in Las Vegas a couple days ago. It fits larger than normal so I'm hoping it'll shrink after a long warm soak. I asked 4 employees and no one could tell me with certainty that it's Shrink-to-fit but guesstimated I was correct in assuming it would be.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 That's absolutely untrue and potentially counterproductive advice. There are many workouts that induce large amounts of hypertrophy with 3 days a week of lifting, including HST. Overtraining is one of the worst things a beginner can do. He should be gaining weight with even a rudimentary workout in seven weeks if his nutrition is set up correctly, which it clearly is not. Correct. That statement was...
I always found the food I ate at OG to be terrible while my one experience at RL to be pretty damn good (and it should have been considering it was one of their most expensive menu items). Food aside, I also found OG's service to be just as bad. Never really had a good experience one way or another (maybe I should try a different OG). Nothing good or bad to say about RL's service though.
Quote: Originally Posted by mass i can't seem to choose sizes in firefox on OSX. don't know if it's been mentioned already or if it's just me though. I don't seem to have any problem choosing sizes in firefox on OS X.
That's awesome! I'm actually trying to help my ex-girlfriend lose a bit of weight and no she's not this skinny little thing that's attempting to be 90 lbs. Since no one knows me, it should be safe to say she's 166 lbs and 5'2 and trying to reach 120 lbs. It's hard especially because I have completely opposite goals, I'm 115 lbs and 5'4 and am trying to reach 130 lbs. She unfortunately doesn't have too much time to research and start off on a "diet" or regularly workout...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T yeah I dont like the ballcruncher way either, so I tend to bare my sole to the world. I also have a weird habit of crossing my legs and sitting on my foot. IE position 2 but with the foot under the thigh. Not sure where I picked that up from. I also do that occasionally. But I ususally do it with the foot over the thigh. I was told at a very young age, maybe 3rd grade, that the first way was reserved only...
Thanks for the help guys. About how much do they charge? About normal I assume? $7-15? If anyone else has suggestions I'm still open to them.
Hi everyone. I just wanted to know if any could suggest a suit tailor in San Francisco. I need to adjust the length of my trousers by Friday. I've been going to Cable Car Tailors but feel a desire to try new things. I'm only altering the length though so would it even make a difference where I get it done?
I really would like to know this too. I saw that other SF thread but didn't really see much worth going out of my way for. Does anyone know if Jaime's has a website or address?
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