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Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Do you have pics of the Tux? I don't have pics myself but here's a link to the tux.
I was thinking of buying the tux from topman because I'm a really small guy. Small enough that anything slim fit I've ever tried on looks regular on me. Stylistically, I don't see anything trendy about it. Black, 2 button, "satin" peak lapel. All for $300. No, it's not for prom. I'm 24, only work off of internships, and it's prime time for weddings. Anyone have an opinion?
How easy is it for a tailor to take in the waist of a suit? Can it ruin the integrity of the suit like when you attempt to alter the shoulders? Also, if you hem the sleeves significantly, what happens to the buttons? Does a tailor move them up as well or will there just be less space there/remove a button? (I found a suit that fits well in the shoulders but a little boxy in the waist. I'm also a short guy and it doesn't come in short.)
Does anyone know of any other watches that allow for exhanging nylon straps aside from the J. Crew Timex one? I like the strap options but I don't like the watch itself. Sorry if this is the worng place to ask.
It's nice to hear a lot more people than I thought have a similar problem to me. I'm 5'4 118-123 lbs. This tip is pretty exclusive to button up dress shirts. If you're looking for an off the rack brand I found only ONE dress shirt has fit me well and that is an XS slim fit shirt from Express Men. Word of warning though, their neck size is suspect. It always seems like it's half an inch bigger than it should be. However the rest of it fits stunningly well for a skinny...
If you're not gonna cough up at least 1g I would reccomend just sticking to retail brands like H&M, J. Crew, Express, or Banana Republic. Do your research on what slim fit suits they offer, then go to the stores and find which brand offers the BEST fit for your body by physically trying them on. I personally don't see the point of buying most department store brands as they're going to be roughly the same quality if not worse for more money. At $500-$800 the most important...
Can tailors alter ties to be slimmer? It sounds like an easy enough job but would it ruin the integrity of a tie?
I have a question about what people thought about black neck ties. I'm currently trying to buy 3 ties to build up my wardrobe. I'm considering getting a solid navy silk tie, a dark red repp tie with white and navy stripes, and a black knit tie. My question is are black ties really all that versatile and what occasions would you honestly wear one to? Black tie (tux) events would generally be a bow tie and I'm never going to wear a black suit anytime soon so when would...
I've read a lot about grey flannel suits or at the very least grey flannel trousers being essential to a wardrobe. However, I can't quite figure out what makes a suit flannel and not the more commonly understood "flannelette" which most people call flannel. And while I'm asking, what are some examples of NON-flannel suits for comparison sake.
I didn't see a small questions thread so hopefully I don't get too much heat but I've been reading up on men's fashion for quite some time now but I still don't know the difference between a suit jacket, a sports coat, and a blazer. Augmented by the fact that many of my peers seem to use it interchangeably. Thanks for the help.
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