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They will be available at Context and Hickoree's to name a few.
Here is the lookbook for Christian's new undergarment line called Choctaw Ridge. Info on the line: Inspiration was 1920-40's men's undergarments. I became really interested in old box packaging of underwear from that time period, it came in a box and had maybe 4 pieces. Many of the details were inspired from old long johns or underwear that i updated to something a little more modern with top of the line fabric. I used fish eye coroza buttons in their natural color...
Quote: Originally Posted by dixonmanor Do I see waxed cotton chinos in there? They are indigo rope dyed duck both warp and weft.
I recently shot the Fall 2011 LookBook. www.banditphotographer.com
Yeah I agree! Luckily I found one on Ebay 2 years ago for 1/2 the price.
Some more photos of my Buzz Rickson/Nom de Guerre N-3 jacket from 2007. www.banditphotographer.com
Couple fit photos of my Roy's. www.banditphotographer.com
Totally worse thing ever. There is nothing else worse than that. OMG LOL
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