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Quote: Originally Posted by joegrec I think I've mention this before but if I'm in a meeting and someone uses the term "low hanging fruit" again I'm going to punch them in the neck and set fire to the conference table. my old professors loved that term. i think there's a certain vernacular you pick up when you get tenure. i hate the term "touch base". it's so impersonal.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy bump i had to wipe the dust off my screen to get a better view.
I believe you need to speak a second language for INSEAD admissions
he's a great speller. you gotta respect that.
Feel for you man. I'm in the same situation. Another vote for melatonin. It works and doesn't require a prescription. It's great for jet lag too. I've been rewatching some winter olympics on my pvr -- figure skating mostly. It's a nice reminder of what real pressure is. After thinking about that, the anxiety and pressure from exams just doesn't seem so significant anymore. Also: Don't drink. You'll be dehydrated for your exams. Don't eat anything sugary...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Newest Touch tops out at 64 gigs. Fucking annoying. Rumor has it Apple is doing away with storage altogether, eventually, while implementing a cloud storage system for iTunes. No doubt this will involve having to maintain wifi or cell connectivity to access, and no doubt it will come at the cost of some obnoxiously high carrier data fee per month, like the iPad's. No thank you. This already...
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Have any of you gone back and watched The Karate Kid? It's simply awful. It has not aged well. While I don't intend to see the remake, I am certainly not opposed to the idea of a remake. Look how much better the American Departed was. "The Departed" was good, but the original (Infernal Affairs) was better. Jack Nicholson was a total ham.
pulled out a juice box instead, but i imagine the principle is the same.
Actually, black women -- especially the ones that have everything going for them -- are having a tough time finding a man. See the economist. It's a great time to be a black man.
the euro is great right now. if i didn't already have plans i'd hit up europe this year.
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