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How much do you tip for drinks at the bars/clubs? It'll of course vary by region and incomes.. but was just wondering.
AX is the ugly kid at school with the hot sister.
consulting is a damn broad term... if you're doing consulting from an engg background, I'm assuming Accenture/IBM/Deloitte? consulting is a client facing position. in an interview you'll be judged on your appearance and presentation as much if not more so than your knowledge. I just don't think you should take the chance.
do not wear peaked lapels and do not wear brown shoes. they can't help you, but they can break you. e.g. there are two equally qualified candidates except one is dressed less conservatively. all else being equal they will choose the more conservative individual
Maybe I can get him to give me the unemployed-student discount
thanks for the tip! I just arrived in HK and looking forward to updating my wardrobe. Any other recommendations? I hit up Sogo Times Square and the like but seems like most of the good stuff on sale is already gone.
so is Gordon Yao back in HK yet? I just graduated, and am vacationing in HK. might spoil myself with my first ever bespoke suit (of course I should really find a job first...)
bump I was at Lane Crawford Causeway Bay. Shoe sale was pretty unexciting. Mostly Artigiano. Hugo Boss was 50% off.
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