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Square "TV" fold for all linen and cotton squares, puff for all silks. I don't use wool squares. If you're fussing over it, you're not doing it right. Just stick it in there.
Liverano is a tailor. Try Pusateri in via dei Calzaiuoli. They are glovemakers.
Given the inability of most native English speakers to communicate in any language other than their own, I don't find this all that remarkable. Sure, most Italians are pretty bad with foreign languages when compared to say, the Dutch, but they surely beat Americans and Brits in this regard. If you are so keen on Neapolitan tailoring, perhaps you should learn some Italian, like the rest of us.
How is your Italian?
Get Incotex pants that fit in the leg and then have a tailor adjust the waist. Taking them in or letting them out by an inch or two is a pretty straightforward (and cheap) operation. I usually have this done when I get them hemmed and I pay about $20 in total.
I recently upgraded to handmade bone stays from Grunwald & then got rid of all the plastic ones.
I have the Stowa and I love it. It was well worth the long wait. (Ordered in early October, delivered last week.)
Well, he did ask what he should wear, not where he could find a dinner jacket.I should also add the following:(1) Cambridge is one of the few places where you can wear a dinner jacket twice a week, so how come the OP doesn't have one already? He must be a social pariah who doesn't get invited to anything.(2) Except for Magdalene, which is white tie, all the balls are overrun by pasty English girls in hideous ballgowns accompanied by boorish drunks who will throw up on the...
Am I missing something? The dress code is on the f***ing invitation, isn't it? You wear black or white tie!
The article only says that the shoulders can be taken in *slightly* by using this method. I still would not do it, though, because it only narrows the jacket in the back and not in the front, thus spoiling the symmetry. IMO, shoulder width is the one thing that *must* fit on a RTW suit.
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