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I picked up the 38, highly recommended and a steal at this price. Great seller as well!
I hope a trip to DC is in the works!
Went with suede adelaide for my first EB's. Hope the 946 last works for me.
Looking at grabbing my first pair of EB's. Looking for some fitting guidance. I wear a Eu41/UK7 in JL 7000 and in Vass F last. Would it be safe to say I would take a UK7 in the 946 last?
Ha.. It's always something. Everyone has different situations and priorities. To be honest I'm on the deck drinking bourbon and hanging out with my wife. Could I be washing my shirts? Sure, but I'd rather be on the deck. I enjoy nice clothes and the different takes on fashion. I would hope that's why we are all here.
Not my place to answer, but I have a business, 4kids, etc... Don't have time to launder/iron myself.
$20. I added them for my most recent order as they were all Grandi and Albini fabrics and it seemed worth it. I'll post some closeup pics when I receive the order for reference here.
Indeed it is, that and the green linen are probably my favorites of the lot I grabbed. Oh and the jockey paisley is a real sleeper imo.
7UK ‚úč
Very impressed with the fabrics and construction. Great work YH!
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