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Oh dear! Haven't even received my most recent order and I have a few of these linen cottons in my cart.
That's great to hear. I placed a decent sized order on 4/26. Hoping to get that always welcome shipping email.
Thanks. Went ahead and ordered the VBC 120's in mid grey. Hope the fit is serviceable seeing as this is my first pair and I did not send in a pair to mirror. Added some lovely Albini linen shirts and a few Rubinelli shirts while I was at it
Getting ready to place my first trouser order. Any interesting options out there that people get? Split waistband, coin pocket, etc? Are the button cuffs standard or something I would need to request? Thanks.
@luxire any update on the new website and the new Alumo offerings?
Thank you for the response. Looks like I'll throw a few in my order.
Can anyone comment on the quality of the Rubinelli shirting fabrics? I'm getting ready to place another decent sized order and am wondering if the Rubinelli fabrics warrant the cost at almost double the cost of some of the other fabrics. Thanks for any input.
Fantastic. Got it back from the tailor on Thursday. Plan on wearing it Monday, will take some pics. Half canvassed, and the fabric is beautiful.
Thanks again, that's even better news, as I tend to lean to a softer Neapolitan style.
Awesome to hear, because I pulled the trigger . Thanks for the response!
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