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Yesterday I received some beautiful Epsoms in Midnight Blue with grey suede shafts from a great member here. Will post pics this evening if I get a chance.
Welcome. I will be grabbing the Akita tie for sure, for my old girl Aiko. Any details on construction, lining, fold, tip, etc?
Lol... It's got a ways to go yet imo
These Ravens landed today, added them when I joined the chukka gmto. Figured it would assist with the instant gratification factor, why I wait for the chukkas and CS field boots. Thanks again Skoak team for great service!
Thanks Razamataz
Agreed on the navy/Havana! I definitely don't need it but am also not sure I could resist if it got some gmto traction.
I might be interested in this.
And done. CS winter beater ordered. Can't wait for the EB Tarnsjo chukkas and the Raven oxfords. I have over twenty five pairs of shoes/boots and only one pair in black lol. So the Ravens will be welcomed.
Good job folks. Man! Had I not just got in on the tarnsjo chukka I would be all over this. To similar though as I have a few other soles to add first before duplicating leathers.Oh yeah about to get my spot on the CS winter boot in a minute also.
"SPECS: 316 Last (Same as boot below) Brown Grain uppers (I think after the comparisons this is the best for my original vision) Mink Suede shaft Flat welt (same as the stock field boot) Edge color, same as whatever the current boot is I think would be best 4 eyelets and 4 speed hooks (same color as the current stock field boot, unless the group want something different) Dainite soles (confirmed genuine Dainite brand" I'm good with this 👍🏻
New Posts  All Forums: