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Ha, thanks man, will do. 🍻
😜 I can do that, no problem being your proxy. If you really want, feel free to drop me a pm. Gives me an out with the wifey.... 6 pairs show up and I'll say " don't worry honey, I'm just helping Cleav he paid for them". Then she won't notice that I bought two pairs
Haha Clever Cleav 😃. I may just do that... Eyeing the"Heath" in parisian museum and in deep blue misty calf... Stop tempting me. Need to keep the wifey happy lol.
These just arrived... Trying so hard not to breakdown and take advantage of the Lobb sale on Beskoke London. Luckily they don't have much left in my size.
Beautiful! Wish it was a 38 ☹
Likewise. Grabbed one of each 👍🏻
Damn.. Was hoping you were going to say 48.
A couple new suits just back from the tailor. Blue Isaia and navy pinstripe Zegna. Apologies for the horrible phone pics.
Gobbled up the blue Isaia suit and navy Zegna suit. Arrived today. Amazing seller, highly recommended. Thanks again!! 🍻
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