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In on the Tarnsjo chukkas, added a pair of the EB Raven Oxford for good measure
Thanks for the info.. Haha I'm not going to lie, that was exactly my thought process.
Yes. I plan on taking measurements from an existing pair and tweaking as necessary. I am confident we can get it dialed in with a couple iterations, as that's what it took me. May even look at having a couple blazers and blouses made after we get the pants dialed in.
Thanks bud, I was kind of thinking the same thing on the fabric but was really not sure if some were better suited for women, maybe due to drape. I agree the fit will be difficult. I think I am going to order some Molloy trousers for myself this weekend and plan on adding a trial pair for my wife. I will update here.
Can anyone suggest some fabrics for women's trousers? Primarily looking business attire, maybe also some business casual for fall/winter. Also looking for any suggestions on on styling fit. When my last order arrived my Wife inquired about having some items made up. Thanks!
Oz- here is a closeup of the VBC 120's slate blue vs. the Dugdale French blue. Hope this explains what I was trying to convey above. The Dugdales are a much more substantial and heavy fabric as well, they have a fantastic drape.As you can see the Dugdale is a larger weave and appears to be more open to my eyes. Hope this helps.
Oz, Lined to the knee. They wear very soft with a fantastic drape. They have a more open weave compared to the VBCs but the fabric feels heavier. I will try to take some close ups of the fabric this evening.
Thanks Patliean... I think the stand outs for me are the Rust and Racing Green. The Racing Green are fantastic in person. Such a lovely shade With that being said the two Dugdale greys are to close in color. They will be redundant, just throwing that out, for anyone considering them.
Some new goodies just arrived today, very happy with all of them. Next is some Molloy tweeds for fall/winter 🍻. As always sorry for the horrible pics, don't have time to bother the wife to break out the Nikon. Details: 1x Vitale Barberis Canonico - 120s 2 Ply Slate Blue 1x Vitale Barberis Canonico - 120s 2 Ply Rust 1x Dugdale Fine Worsted - Light Grey Plain 1x Dugdale Fine Worsted - Racing Green 1x Dugdale Fine Worsted - Grey Plain 1x Dugdale Fine Worsted - French Blue...
Awesome! Thanks for setting this back up Gentleman. I'll be jumping in on this next week.
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