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Quote: Originally Posted by SailingJon Here is a photo of the entire outfit. So these guys take care of themselves, walk into a restaurant, coffee shop, etc. and expect people to be checking them out, men and women???
Quote: Originally Posted by jagmqt Anybody ever have a pea coat atlered (taken in)? Any idea of price on something like that? jag Shouldn't be much different than anything else. I had the sleeves lengthened on mine. I don't recall what it cost, but it was not much.
Question: How do you tell if buttons are real horn or MOP? I can often tell when they are not, but are there plastics that mimic the real thing so well that it is difficult. Is there any test like rubbing them on your teeth or fingernails or whatever?
Quote: Originally Posted by soupcxan When is the next opportunity to get BB suits at decent discounts? Looking for the 1818 Fitzgerald. The clearance section of the website is always sold out of the 38R's. I picked up a couple earlier this year at $1499 for 2 - 30% = $525 each. Anything better coming soon? It's better now. $449 minus 15% with fall9x code on line brings it to $394.57 with the tax. Just got a grey stripe Fitz for myself.
I got one from Barbour last fall and wore it all winter. It held up well for me and will be featured again this winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Since I clicked on this thread, I might as well tell you: I remember as a student having no idea what size shoe I wore so I just traced my feet on paper and mailed them to LL Bean and they sent me a pair of blucher mocs in the right size. If I remember correctly, this is what they told you to do in the old catalog. They may even have had a chart for you to trace it on. I bought a pair of these last fall...
I have J Crew and have been very happy with them. Perhaps not as well made as some of the other brands (Inco), but for the price they are quite good.
Quote: Originally Posted by skefferz There's Ralph Lauren: . I just picked up this tie and a houndstooth as well on deep discount at the latest sale. For those of you who like narrow ties, these are quite nice.
Four credit/ATM cards, license, work ID, Insurance cards, subway pass, starbucks card. Money is folded in front pocket.
Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu Did this really restore your faith? I mean, cool suits for boys, but the men's stuff is meh IMHO. I am more excited about the new LL Bean line. It's basically the same stuff for much less. What is new at Bean?
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