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Have not worn either, but based on what I know about each: RLBL will be significantly more structured in the shoulder, probably have a lower button stance and slightly thinner lapels; SM will have a softer, natural shoulder and ticket pocket (not sure if RLBL has this); SM will likely be shorter.
Box has been sent to WRAdvisor in Rhode Island. PO says delivery on Monday. I got delivery confirmation and will check back and confirm, since I don't trust them.
Bingo. It is now hanging in my closet.
That's OK, we divert threads all the time around here. And yes, huge Zevon fan. His influence was under appreciated in his time and he died way too young.Also a big Sid fan. I live in Boston and find excuses to go to Atlanta on business so I can stop by the store.
See if you can tell. The ties, now up to 14, will ship to Rhode Island tomorrow in a new box. [[SPOILER]]
You must be new to the US Postal Service.I was out of town yesterday and today. Box has arrived and I will send it out tomorrow. This is fun. I am now eagerly awaiting the box's return in about three months!WRAdvisor, Will you please PM me your address.
Very funny about the Brooks models -- most of them look miserable! On those two coats I would go for the second in the Fitzgerald cut. The Madison is a bit boxy.
All about right except the tie. Three inches. Three and a half at the outside, but not thinner. Extra points for tying with the skinny side longer than the wide side. Never use the keeper. No socks. Ever.On this look in general, I am fine except for the pant leg. Unless you want to really turn heads, have them tailored with a slight or no break, not two inches above the shoe.
I believe I am next in line and have not gotten it yet. If it arrives today or tomorrow I guarantee one day turnaround. If it is delayed until later in the week, I may not be able to get it out until Friday.
“We wanted to give the next generation of Brooks Brothers customer an environment to attract them so we can have a more direct relationship.” - Claudio Del Vecchio, chief executive officer, Brooks Bros. Source: In The Wrong Hood: Brooks’ Logoed Merchandise Languishing Thu 27 Oct 2011 - Filed under: 1990-present, Clothes — Christian You know the “back to campus” theme...
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